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Would this work on Fivver? I'd like to your opinion

I’ve used Fivver as a buyer for a few years, but I’ve always wondered if this would work. I know the real answer is - Just do it and see! BUT, why not ask those who are active sellers for their feedback?

OK, in my sign business, one of the things that I have done for years is to make domed stickers. I print profiled flat stickers on my Roland printer/cutter and then dome them over by applying clear polyurethane resin to them.

Since there are so many graphic designers, sticker makers, etc on Fivver and NO domers, I think it might be a possibility. But, of course this is not a “digital” product, it involves production and shipping.
Although I could design these as well as produce them, I would like to concentrate on production only. Something like this:
“I will turn your colorful sticker design into a beautiful ‘domed’ sticker”
Perhaps offering 12 domed sticker samples for $25 or so. What do you think?


I’m not sure how many clients you’ll get from Fiverr because most of the sellers here are looking for digital products. We have a bunch of T-Shirt designers, but I haven’t seen a seller who actually sends T-Shirts to their clients.

Probably one of the main concerns would be product delivery when your client is not local. How much does it cost to turn a regular sticker into a dome sticker? Would it justify the shipping cost?

dont know if physical products will work on not on fiverr but i’ve seen sellers with physical products face many difficulties

Thank you for your input. shipping would be my main concern, although a dozen domed stickers could be sent in a regular envelope fairly cheaply. This could give customer the incentive to order a larger quantity package.
I would produce their order in 2 to 3 days. (requires curing) Mailing anywhere in USA under $3 with tracking, and probably anywhere in world for $10. Is there a feature for charging more for overseas shipping?
probably not, right?

If you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page there is a section on Shipping Physical Deliverables which may be helpful to you.

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One tough part of this would be just starting out. When you begin selling and you have no reviews and no levels or a Pro badge, it’s very difficult to sell anything without having an opening price of $5, maybe $10. Since you’d have a hard time producing and shipping anything for that price to get your first reviews, you might not get off the ground without having to sell at a loss. Some people do that even with digital goods to get reviews, but it’s a point to think about.

Even once you get reviews, physical products are among the most difficult to sell on Fiverr. There are so many sites that sell physical goods in a more flexible way, few people look here for those. Good luck either way!