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Would Vacation Mode Affect My Sales When I Return

Hey Guys

I am about to put vacation mode on for 3 weeks because I have my major exams and (LOL it is no vacation).

But I read some posts saying it will reduce the impression and when I return my gigs will be way down in the search lists. is this through. Can anyone advise especially those who have used it. Has it affected your sales?


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I use it over the weekend quite often, it never effects my sales, all my regulars know that they have to wait till I return, and they do. 3 weeks shouldn’t be an issue. My impressions and views seem to spike a little bit when I return if anything, it will then settle down to what you usually get, try it! It might be worth while in 3 weeks to come back here and post what happened. Good luck with the exams!!

It doesn’t matter…your exams are more important. All the best!

I’ve used vacation mode before for various spans of time - anywhere from a weekend to two weeks - and each time worked just fine without reducing my sales. If anything, my customers started messaging me more asking where I’d gone and requesting custom orders!! :slight_smile: So take the time to focus on your exams because coming back feeling fresh and accomplished will just make things better for you in the long run.

If you use vacation mode for few days, week or month there should’t be any problem at all.

But like @writer99025 said your exams are more important. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the awesome reply.

Thank you so much for the wishes.

I use vacation mode to take at least one day off from work every week. Sometimes I take the entire weekend off work, and I always use it when I’m sick. There are people who advise to just increase delivery time for your gigs, but what I’ve found in my experience is that increasing delivery time and taking a L O N G time to deliver just results in irritated buyers who won’t come back. Vacation mode doesn’t do anything to your gig that doesn’t already happen as a result of not making any sales. Heck, I’ve come back from vacation mode and found myself ranked higher than I was before I left. Vacation mode isn’t anything to worry about - just click the button and enjoy some peace and quiet until you come back.

That is because you are blessed.

Blessed or damned, I’ll take it so long as I keep getting results.