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Would You Be Insulted if a Buyer Left a 3.7 Rating?

This is probably quite harsh for most people, but if I get a less than 5 rating I block the user after a little while. If they were in someway unhappy with the service provided and didn’t communicate anything to me at the time, I’d prefer they didn’t come back. Even if they did communicate, I still might block.

I undertake fiverr work for the fun of it in my spare time and like the fact that I don’t have to strike up a long term relationship with a buyer if I don’t want to - even if missing out on repeat work. If there’s the slightest hint of hassle with a buyer, I’ll block them to avoid a repeat.

I hear so often that fiverr favors the buyers and sellers should accept how things are or move on. Yes, maybe. This is how I keep it interesting for me.

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You’re smart. Smarter than I am. I’ve had buyers leave less than 5 stars but come back over and over and over again.

That’s what I mean about me being too nice and helpful. And in spite of multiple orders over a long period of time they still ask to order again after leaving a four star review. I can’t get rid of them.

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I totally get this. I take it really personally when someone leaves a medicore review, especially when there was no indication that anything was wrong before accepting the delivery.

Just try to keep in mind that the feeling of anxiety over the reveiw will pass and you’ll have loads more positive reviews to look forward to :slight_smile: It also makes me feel better knowing that most people see your average rating and don’t go seeking out negative reviews. X

Yes, I can agree with what you’re saying. I offer 1 - 2 revisions, depending on the length of the document and put it in my delivery message that if there is anything they would like added or changed to let me know, so I can get it fixed quickly… and get the order closed out. Lengthy revision processes delay our payments and that 3-day acceptance period starts all over each time they ask for a revision. Buyers that habitually wait until the end of that 3-day period and then say “Oh, can you add this or change that, or this needs to be longer” irritate me to no end.

I am aware that people have lives outside of Fiverr and this may not be something they are doing on purpose, but it just seems that some people make a habit of this. And I have blocked buyers who gave me a low rating - not to be petty and get back at them but because I know that working with them again could result in more low scores because we were not on the same wavelength or of the same mindset. You find buyers that you work well with and that love your work or they don’t. But if they don’t love it and don’t give you the opportunity to correct that…don’t deserve to give you a bad rating because they didn’t take the opportunity you offered to have it fixed.


I wouldn’t block any user on Fiverr as I don’t pretend a five stars feedback from anyone.
Receiving sometimes a low score feedback is part of our business here, you have to accept it. :wink:

I understand that it’s a part of the business. But one of the perks of working for yourself is that you can make the choice of whom you work with. In a 9 - 5 you have no choice. If a buyer has demonstrated that, for whatever reason, that working with them is difficult I prefer to pass. I consider that situation to just not be a good fit. The more you try to make it work by trying harder, being more communicative, and going out of your way to please them, is just going to result in frustration and it’s better to just avoid that. I’m not saying this is the best thing for everyone, you do what works for you, but this is what works for me.


Well put! Being a new seller, I’m still on the fence about what to do if and when I get my first frustrating customer/poor feedback.

I’ve worked doing readings/spiritual healing for clients in the past, outside of Fiverr. One thing about this platform that I LOVE is having that block feature. I haven’t had to use it but it’s good for peace of mind. I really wish I could’ve blocked some of my past customers I worked with through a personal website. They were mostly awesome, but there were a few “bad apples” in the bunch. :apple:

Yes, exactly. It’s nice knowing that you have that option to simply not work with them again. Buyers, for the most part, are polite and well-intentioned. As I said, I offer 2 revisions so that if I missed something there is the opportunity to correct it and deliver some awesome content. And this option usually works pretty well. But as a new seller you will find buyers who will try to scam you for free work, have unrealistic expectations (like the buyer who gave me a 250-word document to rewrite their “About Us” page and expected me to turn it into 900 words of awesome content when there was no website or information to be found about their company). We’re creative to a point, but we’re not magicians. I can’t pull a rabbit out of my hat no matter how hard I try.

There are going to be buyers who are impossible to please. Don’t take it personally, if you are getting rave reviews from everyone else then you know you’re doing a good job.


My last 3.7 rating was a stupid blackmail attempt where he wanted to tell me how he would change the review to 5 if I did extra work that he wanted. I ignored that.


Yes, I agree. A couple of mine where from buyers that I refused their cancellation requests. After I got burned the first time on a $50 order, I vowed never to cancel another order. And buyers who promise extra work if you do a good job on their order. Every buyer gets high-quality content, regardless of whether or not they promise me more work. They are not going to get more than anyone else who paid the same fee.


I was wondering, is it good practice if you message a buyer who left a 4.3 star rating(5 star ‘communication’, 4.3 star ‘service as described’, 5star ‘recommend or buy again’) about why they left a 4.3 for service as described? So I can use it to improve?

Note: this is me just asking them what they don’t like with the delivery, not me telling or requesting they modify the review.

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All it would take to get that is for just one of the star sections to have less than five stars. So it isn’t an insult. It just means they don’t feel you were absolutely perfect across the board. And Fiverr prompts people to review, so it isn’t like the person set out to review you.

When have you had a service experience that was totally perfect across the board? And what is the value in only getting the feedback you want to hear? Reviews are feedback for prospective buyers, not PR tools for sellers.

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No. Please read the ToS.

Never message someone unless you have an open order with them.

Besides, no one wants to feel pressured. If a company messaged you to ask you about a review, you wouldn’t feel comfortable visiting their facility again.

It’s funny how a 4 star is actually really good on Amazon, especially for books; but could get you demoted on 5r.

I prefer a well written 4 star to a generic 5 star, even when it’s a verified purchase. If it’s well written review, the 4 star will get me ranked under subcategory.

Of course I don’t get level demotion there, like here.


I would prefer that too, if it didn’t affect your levels. The insight would be more engaging to prospects and more effective social proof.

I think her grievance is with Fiverr. Just because this review doesn’t meet their minimums for Levels, that doesn’t mean it is an insult.


I wouldn’t feel insulted, but before delivering my order, I would include in the delivery note to the buyer a sentence asking him/her to review the order very well, message me if there are to be any revisions, and give me a chance to redeem myself before they write their review on Fiverr

The rating should be one kind of lecture to you. With that you can learn what you should change in future about your service, communication and etc

It has happened to me once and I did get a bit sad because my overall rating dropped from a 5.0 to a 4.9 but hey, it’s a 3.7 in the middle of all the 5.0’s

Yep, that’s where I’m at too. (4.9) I hope it goes back up to 5 stars after enough reviews.

I’m with you. I’d be happy to get a 3.7 after the rating I got this morning. A buyer left a simple instruction to animate his logo like a script (it was a script font logo), after doing so , he requested a revision saying it was not what he expected. I was at a lost as I did as he instructed and asked him to clarify, but got no response. So I redelivered with a few changes, and kindly requested that if he needed any further adjustments, to please clarify as the revision request was a bit vague. Moments later, he appears online, states with some words in caps what he wanted changed, which was so ridiculous because, all he wanted was the stylized pause to be removed. I did it in 5 minutes and redelivered. He accepted and stated “Quality work” and left 2.3 stars because he would not buy again (1 star) and I didn’t communicate well (1 star). I appreciate my clients but bwoy oh bwoy, he was something else.