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Would you buy my gigs?


would you buy my gigs? do they look professional and how can i improve them ive been on fiver for about two weeks and i havent gotten any sales


Hi, I moved your topic from “My Fiverr gigs” to “Improve my gigs”.

Your gig descriptions are kinda short. Make a detailed description, pointing:
What are your services?
Why are you the best among thousand others?
What do you require to provide your services? etc.

For some sellers, first sale takes longer than months, so be patient and send offers! You will eventually get orders. :slight_smile:


I would go through your page and correct all of the grammar and spelling mistakes. Use more punctuation. Your first gig offers “two figures, full bodies” but none of your examples include that. I would include an example of anything that you are offering. While grammar and spelling my not be important to you, it can be very important to other people. It never hurts to look/be more professional.