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Would you buy this?

I’ve been a practicing witch and psychic for more than 15 years, and I’m wondering if folks on Fiverr would be interested in receiving psychic dream interpretations. Interpretation would be provided via PDF.


Reply to @hardwork429: wow - any elaboration? Something else I could offer with this gig?

So we explain our dreams and you interpret them correct? some would likely do this. Some people like to have conversations and discuss it so maybe making the offer more interactive would help. I could pickup a book and do this myself or search online for meanings. Though it may be somewhat vague I will get the general idea of it for free. Its tough because many people don’t remember dreams or if they have a reoccurring one the symbolism is important and depending on how you interpret them. Many people want to know your sources of info and if you follow specific religions and such.

Reply to @andrewwalker: Yes. I would ask for a description of the dream, and then provide a .doc or PDF explanation of the major symbols in the dream, as well as an interpretations of what their interactions mean for the person.

While it is possible to search this online, there are often a number of interpretations for each symbol. I will be using my psychic sense and intuition to determine which interpretation applies to a particular person at a particular time and my explanation will include that information.

Sounds good, just be sure to include it all in detail what you can do and the depth you can get into that’s what will make you stand out :slight_smile: I recommend audio recordings too or videos maybe offered in the plus section. People love videos and being able to be lazy :stuck_out_tongue: sit back and enjoy! Its not like you’d have anything to lose by posting the gig, only to gain :slight_smile: so good luck! and message me if you want any other feedback or want to talk.

This is now live!

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Surely, some of you have had a dream that resonates with you - that feels significant, but you can’t quite grasp the meaning? I can help you understand what your subconscious is trying to communicate with you about your present or your future.