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Would you confirm a bug please?


On the front page of the Voice Over category, there are several views:

1 Recommended
2 New Arrivals
3 Best Sellers

In the last day or so, The number of pages available to view under “Best Sellers” has dropped to only 5, while the “recommended” view remains normal, showing 1-10 and an arrow to scroll into potentially hundreds of pages. Take a look at the screenshot below to see what I mean. Can you confirm this?

CS responded with the usual “clear your cookies” thing, but I have done that and have the same results in IE and Chrome.

Thanks all



I see 10 + pages under best selling.

I no longer have recommended visible; just Relevance, Best Selling, New Arrival.


I have relevance, best selling and new arrivals, each of which has over 14 pages.


Strange, CS says they can see 10+ as well. Somehow I have disappeared from view, at least from what I can see.


Did you try looking on Chrome Incognito mode?

I just looked for your best selling gig and couldn’t see it.

Do you have a limit set on how many orders you can get? I see you have 20 in your queue.


Incognito mode did solve the issue with only seeing 5 pages, but yes, I am somehow still gone from view. I don’t have that limit order thing set. And I don’t edit my gigs because of disappearing. Very strange.


Have you ever had more than 20 in your queue? I wonder if they took it out due to them setting a limit on how many orders you can get.


I believe I’ve had 22 or 23. But I suppose I’ll just wait and see what happens. Fiverr is always full of surprises. I can’t tell if am really invisible now because most of the jobs I have are from repeat buyers.

Hey just to hijack my own thread @eoinfinnegan will soon be on to me. I was planning on taking a few days vacation for Christmas. If you enable vacation mode, do you get dinged for not responding to messages? I have seen contradictory opinions on the forum threads.


I was in the hospital on vacation mode, and kept responding to messages the whole time even directly after I was wheeled out of the operating room so yes I think you do. I mean, they keep coming in so why wouldn’t you be?

It seriously decreased my orders for about two months also.


It does become an addiction doesn’t it?


It took my mind off of where I was at least.


Also someone I had sent a custom order to had decided to accept it after a few months and when I got home I had two hours left to deliver it so those can keep coming in, unless you set a time limit on them.


I’ve taken to setting a 10 day expiration on custom orders.


(newsmike, not Jim Gordon)

This was a casual intervention due to your hijacking of the thread, however, hijacking of your own thread is not really a problem. As you may have guessed, I have been watching Gotham of late.


I was wondering if you are still seeing this issue? I have tried multiple browsers, multiple computers from different locations and also cleared all history including cookies and I still see only pages 1 through 5.

It also randomly switches between “From $5” to “from $5/Most Successful at $”.


No it mysteriously cleared up after i had a back and forth with CS. You may have to do so as well. They will first tell you to delete cookies, and clear caches, etc… but keep at it. I finally asked them to see if it was an error in the SQL database on my account. Good luck.


It’s like a test. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: