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Would You Consider Fiverr as a Main Source of Income?

I have been wondering for quite some time now. Is it something that is actually possible to achieve—a career path that is all about earning money in your underwear—a fictional fantasy or an attainable goal? Personally, I believe that such goal is achievable, with the right amount of time, positive mindset, and effort (a lot of it), seriously, like, A-LOT. :sob:

Share your thoughts below, what do the citizens of Fiverr think? :sweat_smile:


Where I live, if you can earn more than $600 a month you’re set!!! So yeah you can!


It’s possible, is not easy, but is absolutely possible.

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If I were to make 600$ a month, where I live, I’d be living like a king (for about 2 months). :frowning:, but thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:


How long do you think ‘Fiverr Success’ really takes? Is it based strictly on pure luck, or is the real strategy to sucess is based on patience? Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Hey Bro, If you do good job to your clients and care about them sure you can. I do fiverr full time and this is my main source of income. I worked at DHL as a logistics executive and I gave up that job for freelancing. In my country its kind of a foolish thing to do. But Didn’t care about any damn people who gonna comment. but now I have my freedom and I’m my own boss.

But make sure that you grabbing your clients because after that they gonna recommend among their friends and family. Repeat customers are the gold mine. :slight_smile:
You are from Poland ?


If about being always doing a great job, build a base of loyal clients (this is hard, and takes time but is possible).
But the very first thing… Your Brand identity. YOU NEED TO CREATE A GREAT IMAGE FOR YOUR BUSINESS
An image to show off the quality of your work!

Other thing, where are you from?

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my main source is not fiverr but i enjoy this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Where is it you live?

Pakistan, you could’ve seen that by going to my profile.

So, immersing oneself in a network of loyal clients is the most efficient strategy? Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:. I am currently residing in Poland.

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My Brand identity… hm… That sounds like a very interesting strategy. A breath of fresh air. Correct me if I’m wrong, but according to what you’re saying, people who are seeking to build a steady platform should focus merely on the clients they had already worked with. Instead of focusing on attracting new eyes. :thumbsup:

Implementing the Brand of your identity into their minds. Embrace your idea and show off the quality of your work. These are words of wisdom every rookie should embrace. :grin:

Thank you for such a nice motivational comment! :fist:


It’s all about enjoying what you do :grin:, and Fiverr is simply one of those things :ok_hand:

If you are talking about luck, I am the unlucky person in real life! Even I don’t believe in goddamn luck sometime So that I wouldn’t blame myself. It takes time, idea, lot of patience and setting up you mind to complete whatever the ideas are :slight_smile:

Fiverr isn’t a main source of income for me. I’m working on many freelance websites.
But fiverr gives me some funds for tools like software and hardware.


Yes, Brand identity, you need it, I’m working on this right now, my plan is to implement a uniform identity to all my gigs, design a banner to send it to my customer once the work is ready, of course, you need to try attracting new eyes eventually, but if you already have customers, this would be a recurrent source of income. Loyal clients are the best for your business. :thumbsup: keep the emotion, and work wise, you have great gigs to offer.

Venezuela. :upside_down:


Oh, another thing, can you promote your gigs in your city? With your social circle and so on? Here in my country this isn’t possible cause we are having critical economic problems, so I can’t do so…


I haven’t got a single order till now -_-

Sure, If I had more chance to be seen over lower quality sellers.

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Yep, totally possible! :slight_smile: My husband and I make our main livings from Fiverr (and other freelancing websites). Will you make enough to live in a Western country where your rent is upwards of $1000 a month? Maybe, depends how dedicated you are and what you do/charge and your whole business strategy/development etc. Do we? Sometimes. We try to base ourselves when we travel in countries where it’s entirely possible to live off your fiverr earnings. I get a lot of people asking about freelancing instead of “normal working” and I always say “if you’re willing to live simply with little to no frills, its entirely possible”