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Would you do a redo after order is completed?


Hi I have a buyer who I recently completed an order for. She gave me a great review and loved the video (she only paid $5 btw). Now she comes back and says that she got some feedback that the video sounds too scripted and can I do another one. She didn’t want to pay again, but now she is saying half. What would you do?


They liked the post the first time, left a review and the order was completed. It’s not your fault if they want a redo and they should have to pay full price or at least something.


I would tell the cheap woman to place an order.


I ordered a latte, drank it all, then told the waiter my girlfriend took a sip, and said that it would taste better with more cream on top. So I decided I want another one but with more cream on top, but I am not going to pay.

PS. When he said no, I told him that I will place more coffee orders in the future after he agrees.


The $5 buyers are amazing.


You deserve to be paid for your work.


I’m raising my prices to get rid of those $5 orders.

She should have asked for a revision before leaving a review, as soon as you delivered it.
Asking for another one after the order has been completed is simply asking for free work.


I would try to get rid of her. Do what she wants (in case if she can change her review from good to bad)

When everything will be OK - BLOCK her forever!

PS. Video for $5 - too low price



once order is completed with agreement of Seller and Buyer. there is no rule to make changes after sometime just because seller’s friend didn’t like it. It sounds Creepy. If she wants to modify then she have to pay for it. Full Pay not half.


I don’t know only one thing - can buyers come back and change their reviews ?


Trust me, She cant… :slight_smile: i am Seller and Buyer both.


Cheers 4 useful info.


How about casting a spell so that the 5$ buyers become 10$ buyers :joy: :wink:


Tell your buyer to go to hell. What’s to say to say she won’t want another free video. This isn’t a friendly request for a revision. This is a Fiverr bottom feeder trying to see how much you will buy their politeness for the sake of your own exploitation.

There’s $4 on the table. Don’t you need to eat?


I would thank her for her interest and state that you’d be happy to make a new project for her- but that doing the project a second time will require a new order. I don’t get into arguments with clients or ask why they left a good review etc… I simply state this is my policy and please let me know if you’d like a custom offer sent. 99% of the time they place the order.


Ha ha, makes so much sense when you put it what way!


That’s a great response, thanks!


Yes that’s how I feel! Lady you’ve already received a super discount!


Is it possible to stop doing $5 videos?


So you’re saying you don’t do any $5 videos?