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Would you leave a review for a seller who asked for it?

I buy on Fiverr almost as much as I sell, and I often come across nice sellers who delivered good work but then asked for a review. Ordinarily, the only time I don’t leave a review is if I didn’t have a good experience but I believe the seller did their best. But whenever a seller asks me for a review, even if I had planned on leaving a 5 star one, it leaves me not wanting to review the order. The sentiment isn’t to be spiteful, but I always feel uncomfortable when they ask me. It could be my neuroses surrounding rule-following and weak social intelligence, but with all the commentary about not asking for reviews (even in a roundabout way), I’ve been wondering:

Would you leave a review for a seller who asked for it? Why or why not?


Just wandering is it legal to request a review? I never request them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It would highly depend on how they phrase it and my particular experience on that order.

I used to end my delivery message with “If you could also leave a review that’d be greatly appreciated”, which I find to be very casual and therefore I’d be okay with it, but by simply changing the wording to “Please leave a review” I’d feel less inclined to do so, but if the overall experience was good then I’d still leave them a review.

But then again it really depends on the overall experience.


No, and it’s a rule Fiverr comes down HARD on.

Excellent :sunglasses:


I totally get why it would be off putting. To be honest, I’d probably leave a review anyway and then message as discretely as possible to the seller that they should be careful making that request as it could get their account flagged.


Well, it’s not illegal, but it is kind of a grey area and I’d advise against. I use to ask for reviews, but have since dropped it from my delivery message for that reason.

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I used to end my delivery message with, but have since dropped…so out of curiosity would that wording still make you uncomfortable in any way?

I’d like to say that this wording wouldn’t put me off, but it honestly does. I’ve also had sellers say that in the delivery then come back when the order is completed and ask why I didn’t leave a review or something (which is even worse).

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I think yes. but only for honest reviews


I like that qualification. I usually don’t leave a review unless I plan on leaving 5 stars. Imagine how upset someone would be if they asked for me to leave a review (when I wasn’t to) and got a 3.7 stars or something. :joy:

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I never ask and wouldn’t leave a review if I was asked to do so.

Because again, these days whenever you go and whatever you buy, you get bombarded with reminders, notifications, requests to rate and review. It’s just annoying. And half of those forms demand 20 characters or more. So I can’t even say: “Thank you.” I have to go in-depth and stress my brain.

If I genuinely loved the service, I’ll remember and leave a glowing review without being told.


I will just be honest about leaving any review. I wonder if that seller is new as does not realize they are making a mistake…


I think asking for review is alright and there seems no issue with that…but asking for particular stars and good reviews is what against TOS…
seller can simply ask for honest review that can be good or bad , so that alright to ask and you add your honest reviews on their profile :wink:

There have been many forum posts where a seller has got a warning because they asked about a review.

See this: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said


It still seems more like grey part of it…initial post where screenshot is posted say its agains TOS to solicit feedback change in return of refund or any other kind of benefits…

Read it all. See reply No 42.


gotcha ! then better to avoid asking but CS it self has different reviews on that :confused:
but yes I take my statement back that we can simple ask for the experience feedback.(Y)

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Does review help to get for future order, i don’t think so, So why do we need to worry so much about it, some client thought if they leave a review then they’re helping seller a lot to build a freelancing career, but it’s actually not :neutral_face:

If a seller work more project then some of client will leave review and some of them won’t put any review and it’s natural, so if a seller is skilled and professional then they’ll find out a way with their hard work and skill to achieve their freelancing success, a client’s review can’t build a seller career, so seller or buyer don’t need to think so much about it.

If a buyer saw that seller communicated on time then they did excellent work to fulfill their requirement then why they do feel hesitate to leave a review, because they think if i put a review then i’m doing great help … so for these reason seller shouldn’t ask for a review. :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Also for getting order here in fiverr, there’re many requirement which need to fulfill and mostly marketing and promoting gig is important, so if we can get rank on our gigs then we can get order but this order isn’t coming from review :blush:


As per my understanding reviews does a big role to promote our gigs/work. In this Fiverr system, that’s the only place where clients can check our work quality.
When I want to buy something from Fiverr, I check the reviews first. That helps me a lot to get an idea about the…

  • Quality of the work
  • Time taken to finish the project
  • Responsiveness
  • Communication

Maintaining good reviews will help you to be in the first page of the search result. This is my understanding.


Of course, but it’s against Fiverr TOS and, frankly, rude to ask for a review.

I don’t think I would’ve left a review.
Well, maybe it would depend on my mood, some days I can just close my eyes on it but generally it would really annoy me.

First it’s against the rules asking for a review, so not leaving a review would’ve been my “punishment” and I also would’ve wrote to that person that asking for reviews might get him in trouble.

Secondly I never ask reviews myself and not because they are against TOS, I never did that even when it was still allowed here.
It’s impolite to start with. Maybe it was ok to ask for reviews like 7-10 years ago when the world was just starting enrolling this reviews system for everything, when yelp and trust pilot and trip advisor was just starting and sellers where trying to bring awareness to their clients. But right now it’s everywhere and on every corner, it’s annoying, it takes time and in general off setting when someone is asking for a review even if experience was good.
If a client want to they will leave a review themselves and that way I will know for a fact that I indeed did a good job and that’s it’s not a review for the sake of a “review”.