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Would you like to see my website?

Hello, everyone! Would you like to join my website? I can make many a piano piece for you! Just tell me what you want! :wink:
My Website:


Hi, when I click your link , my first thought is : wow , so expensive … For such services like this, you will have no any competitive power , because also some sellers work for the same things as you , and they were much more cheap than you , many sellers look more professional in their gigs . Also , you offer start with $140 for 120 sec , and have no any free revise , I don’t think there are any buyers will pay so much money to adventure … . If you are really seriously on fiverr , and if you want to be success , take care with your price , don’t set it too hight until you are really the very good one, you can set your price hight , one day when you have many buyers like your work, and need your work …