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Would you like to work for free?

Ah yes, the one who wants the world but will pay for nothing.

I had this request yesterday, I think my reply was appropriate, how would you have replied?


Was this sent to you as a message on Fiverr? (as opposed to the forum?)

If so, I’d report this. Chances are, the buyer has approached others, and if they get a few reports, CS will likely remove their account.


Also, I use the term ‘buyer’ in the ironic sense. :wink:


Oh yes, Fiverr messages. The buyer is in the same time zone as me and it was just as I was about to go to sleep, so giving him today to reply. If no reply, I will report. Thought I’d give them a chance to possibly pay :joy:

Yes…I guess the only other word for this is freeloader?


Stuff like this boils my blood, but at the same time, I kind of admire the guts (or lack of shame perhaps?) of some people. I just can’t imagine it. It’s not even like they tried to spin you a ‘You scratch my back, I scratch yours’ nonsense scenario about exposure/future work etc. Literally just a “Hi complete stranger, fancy doing some work for free for me?”

The mind boggles.


Definitely just stupidity. My reasoning: Every seller on Fiverr is here to make money. I know there will be someone out there that would do it for free, however I highly doubt they will find that person on Fiverr.

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A few days ago, I also had this kind-of situation. Random person came in inbox asking for free work. He told me that he was going to promote me and my work. I told him that this site for professional sellers only and professional work is not free. He never responded to me again.

Later that day, his account was suspended. I assume he spammed every single seller to get some profits for free. Greedy…


Very. But at least the person who messaged you wasn’t as blunt as mine, he offered you some promotion, because we all know promotion covers our costs.

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Ha. Promotions… LIES


“Only a few words”

Says it all!


There are such people :grin: Don’t worry about such messages

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Few weeks ago, i got a buyer who told me to do free work to design their eCommerce shop free and after completing this work, if they like that design then they’ll purchase that gig. It was so much wired for me and although i’ve asked to purchase my gig but they sent me several messages to do free work and finally i had to block her.

I was approached for free work by a few charities and people who claimed to represent charities. Every time my refusal was met with some variation of “you’re horrible person, you don’t care about the children”.

The most aggressive and abusive buyers I’ve come across on fiverr all worked with children (small children at that, not teens). Funny how that works.

Please do let us now if you get a response. :slight_smile:

PS I’m subscribed to a youtube channel that does dramatic readings of certain subreddits, r/choosingbeggars being one of them. I just listen to it when I need to get angry enough to wake up. The reasoning people use to get free work blows my mind every time. The entitlement, the righteous indignation, the demands.


For now only charities and churches asked me to work for free :thinking: I’m not sure why are they coming to fiverr in the first place. It’s obvious that fiverr is not a charity/work for free/Good Samaritan website


Reminds me of the Buyer Requests section. It’s always good for a laugh. “I want 24 chapters of 3000-4000 words each. I need it professionally formatted and ready to publish on epub, pdf, and mobi. You MUST have perfect English and tons of experience. My budget is $10.”

@humanissocial didn’t mean to directly reply to you, oops!


That’s ok. Your post is a cathartic read. Those people have some nerve!


I think it was on the buyer’s request where I saw, “I’m not going to pay for any samples. After all, what job pays someone to take an interview?” Or something to that effect.

Can’t say I’ve ever gone to a job interview where they make me work for a day without pay. Some people. :joy:


The other day I saw a buyer request for a voiceover of a 98000 word e-book, their budget was 5$ however they said they would prefer for free, they will give them Exposure, and a commission for each sale I’m sure that would happen…


:sweat_smile:‘nice try’ :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile: of that person but your reply was very good and efficient

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HAHAHAHA, loved your reply. :joy:
I wouldn’t work for :peanuts: peanuts, so definitely not for FREE. Like Ewww, NO!
I have expensive tastes, it’s all about the Benjamins. :money_with_wings: