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Would you mind evaluating and, possibly, giving tips for my Translation Gig?

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? :slight_smile:

I’m kind of new on, it’s been a few days I’ve created my Gig (which you can find following the link posted in my other topic in the “My Fiverr Gig” section, here -> My English to Italian Translation Gig!).
Ever since then, I have been trying to make small adjustments everyday (i.e. adjusting prices, perfecting the Gig description with a bit of text formatting…).

I was wondering if you could have a look at it, and suggest me something I could improve to get more views and, eventually, the first orders. Thanks in advance!

I wish you all a great week :slight_smile:

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Why not add an Italian version of your description too, for the Italian-reading buyers? That would give them a show of your fluency in both languages and also help you appeal to a broader audience :slight_smile:


Hey somaginer, thanks for replying!

I had thought about that, but I don’t see how I could do it, considering the 1.200 characters limit in the description, which I barely fit in just with the English one.

Edit: or, did you maybe refer to the description about me as a person?

Nah, I was talking about the gig description.

I see, I personally didn’t have that problem since I didn’t go into my process or anything (also, Chinese is a much “briefer” language in terms of characters). I guess it’s up to you then :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @g_elia

It’s great that you make corrections every day to your Gig, as that improves it more and more, but a small problem occurs, you may not know because you are new, when you edit a Gig, this goes through a review of the Fiverr team, this review lasts about 24 - 48 hours and the problem is that during that review your Gig is kept hidden, then if you edit every day will never be online (although they can see only the people to whom you have given the link but what we want is that they can see within Fiverr also). So I recommend that you write down all the corrections you have in the whole week for example, so that later you correct them all at once. Excellent content, soon you will have your first order! :grin:

The best blessings,
Samuel Aaron :sunglasses:

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Hi Samuel!

Well, this information surely has been extremely important, I really appreciate it, thank you so much! I will definitely keep it in mind.

Best of luck to you! :smiley:

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