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Would you rather cancel or getting a bad review?

Hi again. Today I had this issue where a buyer ordered, and clearly didn’t read the description of my gig.
They asked for a vector image and I offer pixel drawings, which I deliver in JPG.
I contacted CS hoping that they could cancel it without affecting my completion rate, since there’s nothing I could’ve done to avoid this, but they said that wasn’t possible.
I also messaged the buyer, and didn’t get a reply. Even though they’ve been online.
Now I don’t know what should I do.
I can either deliver it on JPG, and probably get a bad review. (All my reviews are 5 stars, so that would be really sad).
Or I can just cancel it. And the only time I did that my sales dropped completely for a long time, I’m just starting to get my sales back.
What would you do? And what do you think, would affect me the least?

Thank you


Hi there @micafernandez, I’ve read your previous post as well, but didn’t had much time to react on that. However in my opinion I would just go for the reviews, you said you had a 5-star on all your previous reviews, 1 bad review won’t do that much damage, you will get your 5-star ranking back soon enough as your clients seem to like your gigs a lot.

However, I suggest to wait for other sellers responses, before taking action. Best of luck. Kind regards, Humberto

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thank you so much! I’ll keep this in mind x

Could you convert it to vector in something like Inkscape (eg. convert it from png to vector)? eg. using an auto-trace option. That way the buyer could get what they wanted (even though vector isn’t what the gig normally allows for) and might give you a good review.

It really depends on you and how you want to approach it.
First of all contact your client and say that you are happy to work on his order but unfortunately vector files are not included in your gig.

And from there you can still decide to just trace an image in illustrator for vector file and offer it to him as an extra or keep insisting that it’s not part of your order and act accordingly depending on what buyer will say.


I’m rather get a bad review.

Avoiding a bad review doesn’t pay my bills and I don’t care to let buyers manipulate me.

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You’re completely right. Thank you, I’ll deliver it.