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Would You Rather Fiverr Style

Since I am mostly done with my orders for the week, I thought I would see what you guys think about a little game. This is an actual question I have. Haha. I haven’t decided which one is easier to work with, and I get all three types constantly. Make your own polls too! I think they are so fun!

  • Have the buyer tell you exactly what they want
  • Have a buyer who has no idea what they want
  • Have a buyer who thinks they know, but aren’t really sure

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Extra options!

  • …a buyer who goes insane and starts shrieking like a banshee over nothing
  • …a buyer who sends 40 billion pieces of documentation for a brief project. All is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
  • …a buyer who offers up a one-word brief. Then disappears. Forever.
  • …a buyer who is a normal person
  • …a buyer who has an insane project that has flown to a new dimension of reality–along with their mind
  • …a buyer who wants to consult deeply–but pitches a fit about extortion when it comes to the $$$
  • …a buyer who tips extravagantly out of the blue, maybe even as much as the project itself
  • …a buyer who is filled with self-importance and delusions of grandeur

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YES! Thank you! I think you have summed it all up completely. Though we are missing one.

-A buyer who makes you so crazy that you give up and go eat pizza.
I should have added that in my first one.


Another option: A buyer who does not speak English very well but complains that the translation does not sound like good English to them…


Lol, this recently happened to me, but with a non fiverr client. I was so irritated by the way he was describing what he wanted to do that I switched my phone off and went to a CCD (Indian Starbucks) and just had a coffee.

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