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Would you rather refund a $90 order or accept a negative review

from a buyer who’s expecting the moon for the price of cheese? I’ve sold similar videos for a higher cost where I had to put in much less effort and all these other clients have been super pleased with my work and left amazing reviews.
I made an exception for this person, gave him a much discounted price, and here he is asking for revisions that should cost $900 on a video he paid only $90 for!
I was going to go for a mutual cancellation, but I’d love to know what you would do in this situation!
My profile is at 98% with 170 reviews, the 3 negatives are from orders that went late while I was away for exams and the vacation mode didn’t get activated.
This is new to me because never before have I had a client who hasn’t been absolutely pleased with the very first drafts I deliver, nor have I ever had to make any significant revisions ever before.

If he is asking for additional work that is simply not part of deal I would say no. We are talking about a $90 order which is big in my opinion. Did you try to communicate with him? You can remind him you simply delivered what he paid for and that also at a discounted rate? If it does result in negative feedback you always can reply to it with your part of the story. You can also reach out to customer service, if you can show them screenshots and proof that indeed he was asking for service outside of the price range what he originally purchased you have a good chance they will remove the feedback.

I agree with @annai80, and I’d add that refunding the buyer would be encouraging bad behavior (and giving away your hard work for free).

If you have done what is agreed and perhaps offered a reasonable revision then I would accept the negative review. Check through your gig description and the messages between you and the buyer. If you have done everything you agreed then do not refund and instead go to CS if you get a negative.

It all depends on the individual circumstances.

That’s the main reason why taking big orders is risky. I would just say the same as @eoinfinnegan. Its great if you will come back and tell us what happened.

I also think that it all depends on the individual circumstances. Because you will find all type of buyers here. Sometimes you will find people who are just like angles and sometimes you will be disappointed.