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Would you refund?

Buyer requests a logo with flowers, which I send over. They request modification asking for more stylized, something like a mandala/floating lily. I ask for an example and never get a response. Two days pass with that big flashing “LATE”, so I draw what I think they mean, send it over and now the buyer is accusing me of copying an attachment she sent, only she never sent the attachment. Instead she responded to the email that was sent updating her about her order with an attachment. Obviously I never got it. I send a custom offer for another revision and immediately the buyer requests a cancellation. I’ve delivered two separate logos including additional files now and they want a refund.

I’m gonna lose either way here aren’t I? I don’t know what to do. I did the work but I am sure they’re never gonna accept the order and if I cancel that’s like saying hey be a jerk and get free work.

They’re also accusing me of copying basically only I literally NEVER saw the link until after delivery. I won’t bore you all with screenshots but ugh. It shouldn’t be like this.

If you know you are right and did all you could as she requested then do not cancel it.
Refuse and send all this info to customer support. Let them know you did work as it was asked for, and now the customer wants to cancel for bogus reasons.

Say it all just as you did here without any emotion to customer support.

I’d refuse to cancel and do what misscrystal said. Take some screenshots of your conversation with the buyer and send them to CS. If you did your job properly, there’s no reason why you should agree to refund, even if the buyer threatens to leave a horrible review.

Report the entire situation to CS and be honest and reasonable in your ticket. If you’re right, CS will likely help you.

Thanks. I did the requested flower, then a revision the best I could without a response. I offered another revision with a custom offer and it was rejected with a cancellation replacement.

That’s why you should always send samples with watermarks first, if they say they like it and want the gig after that, you have physical evidence that they accepted and wanted it, if they reneg after that you have the evidence to send to CS. Putting a watermark on something will take you all of 5 secs to do as well, so it’s not that time consuming. :slight_smile:

I use the fiverr watermark. And I am not sure I ever said they “accepted” it but I don’t feel like this is a platform where you should get out of paying because you don’t “like” it.

The problem here is they’re using some excuse to get out of having to pay IMO. And I delivered what they asked for and above. It’s not a “copy” because I never had a link to copy from.

Basically by cancelling, I’m telling the buyer they can have free work because they don’t read enough to know the system and can accuse people of copy and scare them into refunding.

Feels like a rock and a hard place.

Basically unless buy accepts the order it remains in limbo forever. CS went onto say:

Completion of the order can be considered as long as the logo that you have delivered meets all of the requirements of the buyer and if it matches the services that you offer in the description for your Gig.

So even if you provide the service as described, if the buyer thinks otherwise (for whatever reason, look or just plain jerky behavior) you’re stuck with limbo orders or refunds. Or maybe I don’t understand?

Fair call, I was just giving some general advice and what works for me and yes don’t cancel, you did the work and they failed to read simple instructions, it’s their fault not yours, if they want a revision then they can pay extra for it, as time = $, or just accept what you gave them and they can leave a (more than likely negative) review but you have to decide what matters most a neg review or the $? :slight_smile: