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"Would you trust this man?"😬 My recent experience as a video spokesperson seller!

I’ve recently experienced a large upswing in video spokesperson orders and an utter collapse of voiceover work. It’s a bit puzzling to me because my green screen video gig has been around for months but was virtually comatose in terms of impressions and orders, and now it is my best performing gig and this has suddenly become my best month of business.

The thing is, I’ve noticed a fairly consistent trend in the types of video orders I am receiving. They are predominantly catered towards humor with me playing a “less than savory” individual (stoner, sleazeball, bully, creep, etc.) and rarely as a straightforward “normal person.” I’m not exactly sure if I want to potentially be typecast as “that” type of guy.

Personally, I find the funny/oddball scripts the easiest to do and have fun doing them, and I am fully aware I do not look like the regular, run-of-the mill clean cut, attractive, presentable spokesperson and therefore shouldn’t expect scripts that would be given to “regular” spokespeople. I guess my appearance and long hair just scream out “80’s car salesman” or “creep hanging out at the bar.”

I guess my post boils down to this. Should I dive headfirst and fully embrace the odd/funny/sleazy/creepy roles, or should I attempt to still maintain some sort of variety so to attempt to appeal to a larger potential buyer pool? I don’t really have that much choice over what roles I am given in orders, so maybe being typecast is unavoidable.

I really shouldn’t complain. It’s better to be in demand for something, than not wanted for anything.


I do not ask myself the question, I have fully developed what customers want to buy, and what I had planned at the beginning did not work at all, I gave it up.

And yes you look funny :sweat_smile:


I guess looking funny might be better than looking plain and forgettable! :crazy_face:


Dive into the niche and embrace the dark side!

Why not? Couldn’t you open a new gig just for the odd/funny/sleazy/creepy roles and another for more “regular” roles? Just asking :slight_smile:


That is definitely an option! But the mere idea of making the gig title, video and description with:

“I will be your funny, odd, creepy, sleazy spokesperson”

makes me shudder about the types of orders I might get! I do have guidelines on what I won’t perform, and think such a gig might involve a lot of cancellations…


Yeah, I get it. Maybe wording the gig title differently could be helpful. I don’t know what kind of requests are you getting right now but you could analyze them to come up with a precise niche. Let’s say 10 buyers are asking for an “odd” video with you wearing a banana costume. Then you can decide if it is a trend or not an open a new gig accordingly.


I only wish it were as condensed and easy as wearing a banana costume! :banana:

My cowboy gigs are more of that very specific niche services, but being funny/odd/creepy is very broad and hard to nail down appropriately in specific gig format.

I’m not even sure if Fiverr will like/approve of a gig that specifically caters sleaziness and creepiness!


You look like mix of mexican gangster, asian steppe nomad and rockstar

It looks really cool tho


Thanks! I’ve been called a lot of things so I am used to it!

People have personally assumed I am native American, Hispanic, Asian, Hawaiian (when I was tan), or Samoan (when I was a LOT heavier). :smile:


Judiging from your looks you could also pass for actor Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, or The Mandalorian). Time for a new gig, perhaps!


Haha! I wish!

I lack the aesthetically pleasing looks or the smoldering charm! All I share is a mustache!

Now, Tom Selleck. That’s a full, “manly” mustache that one could get lost in and need a search party to be rescued from! Unfortunately, achieving such a mustache is beyond my mere mortal capabilities.

I’ve seen your cowboy gig and you’re perfect for funny roles! However you shouldn’t stick with just a niche. It is better to offer a wider range of characters because you can attract more people.

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Thank you kindly!

This brings up the whole issue of “stick to what you are really good at” or attempt to appeal to as broad a potential audience as possible.

Playing a creep/goofball/sleaze is fun and easy for me, (not that I am personally any of those things, I think :upside_down_face:) and that might somehow be conveyed through my gig to the buyers who hire me to play those roles.

If one attempts to be everything to everyone, then they will almost assuredly wind up being nothing.

I could create a gig specifically as a standard, by-the-book, controlled, reserved, articulate, neutral, “professional” spokesperson, but I have deep suspicion that it would turn out a total flop.

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I think your voice and gigs are great. I’m a fan! Don’t give up on developing your other strengths even if the orders are slow at the moment. The “creep hanging out at the bar” is bringing in some dinero and that helps you to keep doing what you’re doing, so thank you “creep”.

I would also say “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I might not even listen to your voice demo if you had other gigs for, say, interior design, tarot card reading and translation services from English into fifty other languages, with unlimited revisions and 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED!!!



Today I decided to stick only with one gig cause it was producing ok 90% of results. You can have 12 gigs and no orders at all. Doesn’t matter if you target a lot of people if nobody wants you. I’d say go with what works and focus on that. Other stuff is waste of time.

(Not teaching you ofc cause you know that just giving advice for ppl reading this topic)


Thank you kindly!

Voice over alone is exceedingly intricate and broad enough a field for someone to attempt to specialize in, but video and voice seems to be my best fit and is more than broad enough an offering of services from me!

Even though VO work is currently nonexistent for me, I won’t be putting my microphones in the safe! I’ve been through order droughts before, but thankfully my video services have currently picked up the slack.

If I started putting up random services with no relation to my skills, I’d have officially lost my marbles, and might as well offer MONEY BACK GUARANTEES and endless revisions!


I am married to a man who has long silver hair. Think Mick Fleetwood double. So, he is not a run-of-the-mill clean-cut guy. He also has his own unique way of always dressing all in black, kind of like Johnny Cash. The thing is, people like you stand out, and therefore are perfect for the kind of work you are doing on Fiverr.


Good lord, where is your hesitation here?

Rename your gig, and embrace it! You just made a niche!

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I guess it takes a character to play a character!

Thank you for the compliment!

Most of my life I’ve either had really long or really short hair. Whenever I had really short “normal” hair (playing sports, going through academy, working, etc.), I looked quite mean and unapproachable. With the long hair, I look more like a hippie, street performer, vagrant, etc. but at least I don’t look like someone about to commit strong-arm robbery like with short hair!


This thread has definitely helped bring some perspective! I’ll keep my current gigs as they are, but will come up with a new gig to specifically cater to this unusual niche I found myself in.

It’s going to require some highly unorthodox outfits to pull off, however (and I’m not planning a banana costume!).