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"Would you trust this man?"😬 My recent experience as a video spokesperson seller!

What about the wacky Tyrannosaurus Rex I see so often?


I think the real question is, why would that T-Rex show up so often for you?! :grin:

He showed up in funny memes my friends send me.

I think that might be the most disappointing day in that male model’s life.

He gets to show off his bicep and tattoo, but is half covered in a ridiculous dino getup!


That is also true. I think you’re versatile and can perform everything. Maybe doing one gig of each type of characters and see how they perform?

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Thanks! But I know I clearly cannot perform EVERYTHING! Not even the most skilled and versatile actors and actresses in the world can believably perform everything!

If a script told me to perform seriously as a child or a senior citizen, it would quickly dissolve into a comical farce. Same for if I were told to act as if I were a bodybuilder, playboy, fashion designer, bridge troll, magical fairy, take your pick!

I’m already planning a new gig that will specifically cater to a more “unusual” style and appearance of character performances. I think a single gig per single type of character is a bit too over-focused.


First, this thread has been a joy to read :joy: :blush:! I say, if you must be typecast as weird/creepy, I vote going for that Peter Lorre vibe- he had that niche nailed down tight! Not only were his roles memorable, but he somehow also managed to be charming while giving people the heeby-jeebies lol.

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I cannot compete with Peter Lorre, with his massive expressive eyes, odd teeth, and Hungarian accent!

There are many types of weird/creepy/sleazy/cheesy, but trying to add an underlying layer of charm is always a goal. You don’t want to be so repulsive that a viewer wants to immediately close the video!


:joy::joy::joy: Buyers are capable of asking that and more, better don’t give them the chance to

I’m glad to know that, hope it performs well!


Why not having a specific gig for " odds performances ", and another one for " Guy Next Door " ?

Performing in front au audience should not affect the vision you have of yourself, because this is exactly what you are NOT when you shoot your video. Being able to put yourself in the shoes of many characters, is just a token of your talent in this Industry. Keep it up !


Thank you kindly! But even at my most charming and presentable condition, I still don’t look like the “guy next door” but more like the “guy living in the basement next door.” :laughing:

I’ll keep my current “character” green screen gig as my more “regular” gig, and the newly planned gig as more of the overly theatrical/comical/zany meme friendly gig! Only issue is making sure I don’t receive scripts that violate Fiverr community rules or my own standards… :thinking:


This can be sorted out in your FAQ / Gig description. If a buyer still places an order that goes against your acceptable content to perform : you can just bring it to the Resolution Center, and easily win the issue in case it goes wrong.

I also do have some script restrictions for my VO gig, and I never had to deal with something I either did not want to perform, too edgy or straight-up racist/hateful. The key is to be clear about what you do NOT offer. That will protect you from potential troubles.


Absolutely! I clearly label in my FAQ script material and actions I refuse to say or perform (I even include a scrolling disclaimer in my green screen gig video), but I’m not sure if CS will take a seller’s side if a customer’s script violates a seller’s personal guidelines but not Fiverr’s official guidelines.


A little update. I’ve received my new, fairly ridiculous looking outfits that I normally would never wear. Still waiting on further deliveries of accessories before being able to record and create my new humorous/oddball gig.

It’s definitely going to be a bit “out there.” :upside_down_face:


Well, if I were you I would start a gig impersonating Charles Bronson. He has plenty of good quotes from his career.

You’re unlucky though because he’s not a hot name these days nor he will ever be since he’s not around anymore. However, with few changes and maybe just maybe some Deepfake, you look close enough!

Well, ‘Death Wish’, ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, and ‘The Magnificent Seven’ are pretty famous movies, but from another era.

I don’t have nearly as rugged looking face as he, aaand I don’t think he ever had long hair!

I will order F for a crypto currency e-learning module, with my own Kawaii/Bubbly voice on top of it.

1M views on YT within a week guaranteed.

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Can’t spot the banana costume :pensive:

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A sci-fi looking pimp promoting crypto but with a kawaii Japanese voice dubbed on top seems like the best way to make one’s currency seem legit! :laughing:

Ugh, I intentionally stay away from crypto content, and my unfortunate experience with the “shoot your shotgun while promoting my crypto pyramid scheme community” order only reinforces that stance.

Honestly, me wearing a banana costume would likely hit my studio lights/ceiling! :laughing:

I considered it, for a second!