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Would you work with a buyer who said they hated everything that's ever been written for them?


As a writer here on fiverr, I find that comment a bit concerning. Is it a stretch to think this may be a red flag buyer?

I mean, it’s not that I don’t believe in my writing abilities… I just feel a bit put off that there’s a high chance this client will never be happy with anything anyone ever writes for them. On top of that, the subject matter is something I have no background in and don’t fully understand… Oh, and they’re a writer too but apparently are “terrible at writing for themselves.”

I’d hate to have to cancel this. Especially because cancellations affect sellers more than ever before. But that’s what my gut is pointing towards.

Do you see an alternative solution here that doesn’t result in potential mayhem? XD


Well, for me it was easy, although I’m not in the content writing business - when some of my buyers ordered a report and said all other reports they’ve got so far were rubbish, it immediately lit the red bulb for danger and I simply showed them a sample of my report. As I had expected, they immediately asked for a refund because my report was, well, also rubbish to them - got myself some cancellations, but at least I had escaped a situation where my sanity would’ve been destroyed, or maybe where I’d be forced to deal with rude after-behavior and such.


Thank you! You not only confirmed my gut feeling, but you gave me a great solution! I’ll send her a sample of my work and see how she responds. Something tells me she won’t be happy, but it’s better than sending her a cancellation request right away.


wow! Woofy has just the right attack strategy:muscle:


I thanked them for the order, first and foremost. Then I mentioned I found their “hate everything that’s even been written for them” comment a bit concerning, so I’d like to share some writing samples before we proceed. Finally, I asked them to let me know if that particular writing style suits their needs.

I’d be surprised if I get a “yes.” A part of me is afraid if I do… :frowning: Now I’m just being silly, lol.


“Attack strategy” LOL!


If it were me, I wouldn’t have mentioned that their comment is a bit concerning, and instead I’d say something that involves the word “misunderstandings” while ignoring what they mentioned, such as:

“Thank you for your order and showing interest in my services! In order to avoid any misunderstandings, here’s a sample of my work to which I’ll need your confirmation before proceeding with your order.”

Or something like that to crack the ice and see what’s on their mind, what they’re after, what they expect and how their future plans involve me or my destruction haha :stuck_out_tongue:


@Woofy31’s idea is excellent for many things, for writing its a bit more difficult to be sure.

I have got some orders like your’s and I tend to ask them a lot of questions about it, what didn’t they like, what would they want instead etc. Remember that many buyers will have tried out other sellers who delivered badly written rubbish, plagiarized material etc, I always assume that difficult buyers have just had bad experiences so I inquire about their issues.
If they can give you good reasons then I think it is ok, if what they say is not specific then they are likely to be a problem. Things like “it had no wow factor” are the type of rubbish responses I mean. It means nothing and gives you nothing to go on. If they say “previous writers did not address the target audience properly” then at least they have some idea of what they are looking for.


They responded and we worked everything out. :slight_smile: No cancellation necessary. I’m so glad I decided to share some writing samples. The buyer likes them and that’s exactly how I write so there’s nothing to worry about.

However, most other similar situations haven’t been that way, which is why I was so wary.


in my mind I am always like “If everything else you’ve gotten is not good then why don’t you go do it yourself” then I would click my auto message that says "your request does not align with anything that I offer. check out some people who offer it here "


Glad to hear it has worked and you’re happy :smiley: Happy people make other people happy :smiley:

@eoinfinnegan say you had a buyer who said all the previous work from the other sellers was rubbish, you ask them why, and they tell you “it had no wow factor” - how would you proceed with the order?


@Woofy31: I really hope such a buyer sends me a personal message first before placing any order. At that stage, I’d say thanks, but no thanks. If an order has already been placed, expect the worst, hope for the best!


Depending on how they answered other questions/requirements I may ask other questions.
If the order had already been placed, I would tell them that they need to expand their answer as a “wow factor” is subjective. Depending on the size of the order or if I feel there may be more work to come, I may work more on extracting info from them. I have some standard questions that I use when a buyer is slow with info that help them along a bit. If they are serious, they will address the questions properly and if not then I can tell them that I can’t work with them without the answers to those questions.

I tend to get messages first, so I do avoid a lot of that messing with cancellations.


If it seems like a red flag then it is a red flag. I’m glad it worked out for you. Please update this after it’s done. That statement the buyer made is alarming.


It may be too soon to say that it “worked out,” but I’m hopeful (and feel a bit uneasy still). We’ll see!

The buyer clarified that the people who wrote content for them weren’t here on fiverr, and pointed out what they didn’t like about previous documents. They apparently don’t want something cheesy. I don’t do cheesy so it should be fine.



The client was thrilled with their delivery, left a raving review, and even tipped me… That certainly was unexpected! Riddle me pleasantly surprised.

Sometimes, clients will surprise you. Even those who seemed like “red flag buyers” from the get-go. The key in such situations (and most situations) is communication.


Congrats, you have just turned a buyer who was likely to be one step away from quitting the platform into someone who could potentially be a repeat buyer for you!


Thank you. :smiley: Honestly, I owe it to @Woofy31. He gave me the perfect solution.


Yeah, but people often ignore good advice, you didn’t


Glad to hear I could be of such great help @authoreva - you just made my day brighter! :slight_smile:

My mission of helping people is complete for this level - advancing to the next level now :relieved: