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Would you work with a potential client after this message?

Hi, I’d be willing to work with you but I need you to be honest and upfront. Do you offer spun and encoded articles? Are the articles in your own words? Please allow me to know now before I work with you because I will find out if the article was spun, encoded, was created in unethical ways and If I was to receive a cheat article I would report you.

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It sounds as though that client has been burned before and wants to ensure they will not be again.

I would say, “Apparently you have had a bad experience with a previous writer on Fiverr. I am sorry that happened to you. Please know my articles are not spun, encoded, or created in any unethical way. I do not cheat. I write every word from my own creative mind.”


I wouldn’t. I have obliged similar requests previously. In many cases, though, hyper-paranoid buyers try to find problems where there aren’t any.

In a recent case, a cryptocurrency article I wrote came up as 77% unique in copy scape. The buyer, however, couldn’t understand that the subject and the exact keyword phrases they wanted using, could never equal 100% uniqueness.

If a buyer has had a problem with a seller previously, the onus is on them to complain and get their money back, not enter into a new transaction as passively aggressively as possible.


Yes, that is what I think. I spoke to him nicely but told him that I am overbooked, which I am anyway.


Maybe better safe than sorry. :confused:

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Hi Andy, I have missed seeing you on the Forum. I may not always agree with you, but I love the way you word things. :wink:

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