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Wouldn't it be awesome just to do Fiverr and Travel?


Hi Guys,

I joined Fiverr about a year ago but never introduced myself here. I’ve been busy with university and now I fins my self with a little free time. I remember in my first month I made $100 and I was super excited.
So I recently got thinking, do you guys think it would be possible to do Fiverr and travel around the world? (all paid by Fiverr revenue)


I think that sounds like a fantastic idea. For the most part, though, I would think working on Fiverr, WHILE you travel the world would get to be very distracting. I might choose to work on Fiverr, save up my earnings, and then, travel the world – without work. You get to see more when you don’t have to stop all the time to complete orders.

You might find it more rewarding to consider traveling a reward of great work and sales here on Fiverr. :wink:


I know a freelancer who lives on cruise ships and works.

He gets all the cheap cruises - the ones that are off-season or are on a boat that’s going back to the start of it’s normal route and not ‘cruising’ as such. The internet is apparently lousy so he has to be careful with usage but otherwise, he says it’s cheaper than living on land. No mortgage or rent, no grocery bills as everything’s laid on, no utilities or rates to pay.

Gotta say, it’s tempting. I’m waiting until my partner dies so I can try it out.


me basically lol
I don’t have a partner I’m lonely


…and then one comes back to reactivate gigs from vacation mode aaaannnddd…search rankings are gone.

I know some who juggles both, it’s quite interesting.

[A] talking to a server : Send {X} https request to Y URL. sends invoice It’s X $/hr for Y service.


[A] talking to a different ‘server’ : Yes, I’ll have crispy fried prawns and a drink, please.

I would rather recommend the template you suggested because working while travelling distracts us from both.


Lucky you is all I can say!


It all depends on what you want to do while travelling. You will need to dedicate a lot of time to work in order to have the money to travel. As has been said before you need reliable internet, which isn’t available everywhere.

It would be great to do, though.


True, but I mean it sitting in a lovely environment on some island whilst working could be 100x more awesome than sitting in your home :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, wouldn’t be much fun if you’re sat there doing work throughout your holiday.


haha very tempting :joy:


Only works better if you have no kids. Something worth trying considering we are not tied to any office or strict schedule…


This is definitely doable! However, it also depends on where you would like to travel (and how high your standard of living is).

Here’s a great article that talks about 9 of the most “digital nomad” friendly places to live and work. This could be a good place to start. :slight_smile:

Traveling while working can be one of the most rewarding experiences, and I’ve been doing something similar for the past couple of years. Anything is possible!


Meh I’m very independent but wouldn’t mind having a partner.


I get that. I have the best of both worlds. My partner’s only here for the weekends :slight_smile:


I think that author Chris Guillebeau would be of interest to the people who are into this thread…


It’s great to come across someone who have first hand experience. Do you document your journey in a public blog somewhere?


Hey man!
Happy to tell you it is definitely possible :slight_smile:

It has been two years that me and my girlfriend are traveling the world, using entirely our fiverr earnings !

We are from Canada, and so far we’ve been to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile & Uruguay so far…

We had a few fiverr success stories written about us as well !

Currently we are in the middle of a trip (Canada to USA) using a van we bough and converted intro a mobile home (using fiverr money as well of course), and have been on the road for 3 months now… (currently typing this from the van :wink:

Hope this gives you some sort of motivation, and show you just how powerful fiverr is !

Good luck !

Gal & Marianne.


Haha, I did have a blog at the beginning when everything was more luxurious and fun. However, at the beginning, I was also doing fiverr while working other jobs. I made the leap to working with fiverr as my sole source of income about a year ago, and although all of my basic expenses have been covered through it, it has been a bit of a struggle!

Also, I’ve been living in places that have way cheaper living costs than the US (Spain, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, and Germany), and traveling through Asia and Europe. I don’t think I could be moving around and working for myself just yet if I was still in the States.

That being said, working for myself has been totally worth the struggle. And my earnings are slowly getting higher each month, so I’m hoping to have a more fun and blog-worthy life again soon! :laughing:


What a great story!! It’s so amazing that you guys are able to create such a memorable adventure for yourselves, and all with fiverr! :sunny::tada:


My name is Danny. I just turned 20.

I dropped out of college after 2 semesters and started looking for ways to make money online. I found fiverr and posted some gigs. It started very slow but I stuck with it and eventually was able to make enough money to start saving. I don’t do fiverr that much anymore (I’m actually making a video about fiverr right now that’s why I’m in the forum) but it helped me get my footing. I made $27,000 in a little less than 8 months then started a company based on the skills that I learned through fiverr.

In short, yes it’s possible and I actually do it! Check out my youtube video of me traveling and working. I’m a full time digital nomad working 100% remotely for the company that I founded. I have traveled to 5 countries so far (currently in a cafe in Vietnam writing this).

It might sound like I’m bragging but I just wanted to let you know that it is absolutely possible! If a 20 year old college drop out can do it then I think anyone can.

Fiverr might not be the best way to travel and make money because it does take about 3 weeks or more for the funds to clear so unless you have savings you can’t really live off the money you made that day.

I would suggest working on fiverr to polish your skills then look for clients who will pay you to do bigger jobs with those skills.

Good luck to you man! If it’s something you want to do then do it!

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Hey thanks, he seems like an interesting guy :smiley: