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Wouldn't it be nice if Fiverr would mail you a check with your earnings?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Fiverr would mail you a check with your earnings to avoid those PayPal fees? Let’s say every month you have the option to “cash out” and Fiverr mails you a check of your balance.

I sell my clothes on Poshmark (an app only for selling clothes/shoes/etc) and at any time you can ask to get your balance and they mail you a check, you get it within a few days. Maybe Fiverr could do the same, to save on the hassle at least once a month if not every time a buyer wants it. What do you think?

Or for all of those who are against checks… maybe direct deposit?? That would be nice… Avoid those Pay Pal fees.!

Ehh just opinions, thanks for your input guys. At least it’ll make the day go by faster!!


Since when sending a cheque is cheaper than $1 ? And what about currency conversions?

Nope- Cheques are on the way out. Plus you pay for them too. Much happier on paypal. Although they could include it as an option

Reply to @kay2809: We wouldn’t pay for it… Fiverr would… That’s a different story, you’re in another country, it would only work for the US

Reply to @sabiansoldier: I’m not saying everyone has to use it. People can still use Pay Pal but it could be an option. That app I said sends you your money. They charge a 20% fee for everything you sell and when you want your earnings they send you the check free of charge. Fiverr charges 20% as well so it’s something they could do. But if you’re out of state then it wouldn’t be possible I guess

Reply to @labels4you: And why would they pay for sending us the cheque ? Even paypal charges for that.

You think PayPal is expensive? Just wait until you see what it’ll cost you to get a check. There’ll be an administrative fee to print the check, plus the cost of postage. Depending on where in the world you live, you’ll also be waiting anywhere from a week to three weeks (and possibly more) for it to arrive, and if your check gets lost or stolen? There’ll be mandatory re-printing fees, check cancellation fees, postage fees, and another long wait for it to arrive… assuming that Fiverr will even help you out with stolen and fraudulently cashed checks. Plus, government and private institutions are generally phasing out checks to prevent check fraud. If you don’t want to do PayPal, your option is the Payoneer, but with all its fees, I think it’ll be a lot cheaper to set up your own bank account to use with PayPal.

Everyone keeps mentioning the cost… As I mentioned that other app Poshmark, when you sell an item they keep 20% of the total sale and when ever you want your money you cash out so you get a check FOR FREE> No extra fees to you, no postage, nothing. And it’s super quick too. Not more then 5 days… Which is why I’m saying only for US Sellers that would work. If that app (Poshmark) can do it free of charge I’m sure Fiver can afford it too since the fees are the same.

Not even local employers send checks any more. I think paying $1 for every few hundred dollars I earn (I withdraw only after $100 is in my account here, and usually a lot more) is well worth it. Paypal does some of my accounting for me too, as I just print out all my earnings when it comes to tax time, and add them up from there. I find Paypal super easy to work with and wouldn’t want to change that.

I would be already happy if I could get access to my funds and not have to wait what it seems a LIFETIME!!! For me it is ridiculous to have to wait almost 3 weeks for funds to be cleared!!! Direct deposit would be a nice option!!!

Reply to @annai80: yessss!! that’s another option… direct deposit!! I hadn’t thought about that one… Seeing everyone totally disagree about checks, well here’s the option!! I agree with you!

Reply to @writerlisaz: which is why it would be optional lol

Reply to @annai80: on a side note. I think funds take that long to clear because it gives the buyer an option/time to complain… or I’m not sure but 3 weeks is two long. I think 7 days is plenty from the date of delivery.

There is already a direct deposit option. Is it not available to you people ?

Reply to @annai80: Speaking for myself, I’m not comfortable with Fiverr having my financial information and going directly into my bank account. PayPal has an established record as a secure financial processing service, whereas Fiverr has a spotty history of falling victim to hackers who raid seller accounts.

Reply to @kay2809: no, it’s not. I wish though

No way would that work. The cost and time involved when outweigh a simple $1 fee from paypal. Goodness – just paying someone a salary to manage this would be unreasonable. Terrible idea.

Reply to @jamesbulls: that’s true. What I did, for example, when I use eBay I set up a separate bank account that only has deposits coming in. I withdrawal the money immediately. But you’re right. Fiver has had that happen so Pay Pal still seems to always be safer!

Reply to @steveeyes: yes, terrible idea… scratch it out and continue with your day :wink: have a nice one.

Other well know freelance websites offer direct deposit and Paypal with 0% charge. Why does Fiverr take out a $1 Paypal fee anyways??? I don’t get it!!! This should already be covered in the 20% they are getting from your orders…