Wouldn't it be nice to have that " BLOCK ' option for annoying fiverr members


Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice?

Fiverr is great. The fiverr messaging system is great when dealing with members who have an interest in buying a gig or two. Receive questions, answer in a respected time-frame and it’s done.

Some of us are trying to build that “TOP RATED” profile with outstanding results of excellence.

Yes i am talking about (Avg Response Time) It can be that of 1hour or 2days. What happens when you receive annoying messages from other members who have no interest in your gig and just send you messages that are not related whatsoever. Members that type such broken English you politely tell them to “Please stop messaging you as you have no interest” But no matter what, we do not want our “Avg Response Time” to be affected. Guess what, you need to answer back. You can not ignore them. Even if the member sends you " ? " x 100 messages. Your response time will reflect that. Clearly the members have no indications of ordering a gig, and when asked they do not understand because english is very poor and they answer you with (Y u dnt tak 2 me) (Pz anmwr me) (hi) (hi) (hi bae nswr pz) (cn tk 2 u) (hi) (u tere) It gets fairly annoying. I do not want to deal with members like this. Yeah, we can report them to Customer Service… (as i have done in the past) the facts are, If it is not spam or threatening messages, you need to answer back as soon as possible or your Avg Response time if affected.

Would love to hear what you guys think, Shouldn’t sellers have a "block button"

I added this in the (Tips for sellers) not so much of a rant. It is what it is, I would just like to take a reasonable approach when dealing with members like this. I have created a written layout that i copy and paste to the member(s)

Would like to find a positive approach… a concrete approach towards this.

Thanks guys.


I am not judging to harshly,… however the message count is at 47 within 24 hours and i truly believe that in a situation of this nature I am dealing with a problematic individual who enjoys to annoy others.

Fiverr should really have a “Block” button.


I’ve had a few buyers that seem to constantly message. I’m just patient and try to respond quickly. A few ended up being regular buyers, so I like it. The phone app helps a lot, because I can respond quickly to keep the numbers up.


I might get some…Interesting buyers…Once in a while.

If someone is harassing or threatening me inappropriately, I use the report button (which usually does nothing lol.)

Otherwise I generally message back everyone - there is not much we can do unfortunately!

Perhaps the people typing oddly are from other countries and may not know English properly. I wouldn’t judge them too harshly! :slight_smile: