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Wow..! 13 Spam Meesages in my inbox. Do you have?

Today… I just woke up and check my phone and what i see 13 messages on my Fiverr app. all messages are from different profile But messages are the same … this is what i got

“Hi sanmeet Fiverr Team is øfferíng Free Gîftcards Tø All øur Users Please visit this website and Claim Yours Límited Spóts ónly.”

Note - i am not written the website url here.

if this is any bug i am sure Fiverr Team will solve this. and may be these are computer generated bugs with help of anonymous software’s.

Do you also got these messages ?
I suggest do not response to these messages and contact with the CS for Refresh for your account. :slight_smile:

Yes, i saw same. What ist all about, cant understand it.

yep , i had them too, reported all.

i also have them…

Yes you can report them as well and delete them… I think these are anonymous bugs in Fiverr. if you can see forum have also these spam messages in Tip for Sellers Category…
Hope all will be fine and Fiverr Team can handle this.

I report the name and spam to Fiverr Support. If it is truly spam, Fiverr will inactivate the account.

yupp, all those accounts are now inactive.

only 13?i got 38.uff

OMG… ahaha… :wink:

yeah Just Delete them now :slight_smile:

i got 43 of them , and checked all user profile of the sender all was deactivated .


I have 15 spam today with different locations. Whats the issue?

Yes I also

Only 13? I was sleeping, when my cellphone " WAKE UP " from 30+ inbox from different people…And the first thing I think : " What is going on? Anyone have hack the page? Maybe…But of course I don’t have open the link…And also I think that all spam inbox have passed opening the link…just to be sure, I withdraw my money :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here, there is a spam storm since yesterday.

Same here. Got so many msgs in inbox from unknown people with the same msg.

Yes , me too more than 9 , reported all.

it is spam storm we can say

ahahah … :wink: you hv done Good… Security is first priority… But Do not worry i t will not effect on your profile…