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Wow 20% fee?

I am new here, but is this a joke? Am I really getting $4 for every $5 gig?

That’s some nice profit for Fiver.

Hmmm, ok, I tried Elance before, I didnt have to buy anything there, their fees were reasonable. Just kinda suprised.

I hear you, I’ve been here for several years now, at first I had no problems with a dollar being

taken away since I started out with making just $4 each time, but once I got to a higher level and started getting $20 or $40 dollar gigs, a dollar was still being taken away for every $5 chunk, in other words even when the buyer placed a $20 order, what I got was $16, not $19. This, I did not like at all!

It took me a while to swallow this down, in many cases I was not happy, but eventually I came to accept it. In the end I edited/changed my rate so even after 20% was taken off the payment, I will still feel comfortable about it. :slight_smile:

Plus Fiverr is providing an already made platform and system which is not perfect but pretty darn decent, so I guess I can’t complain about it :smiley: