Wow 5 orders in less than five hours and How to Manage


Getting orders quickly while your working on other orders can get hectic. So be sure to edit your duration days to the time needed of orders before they get out of hand. You must know how fast you as a worker are. Depending on your skill set, it’s important to justify the time you need to finish the ‘gig’ especially if you have more than fiverr jobs to do.

Good practice is to refresh your screen while your on fiverr so orders won’t just bombard you. If you’re a one man band man or woman, then use the duration to your advantage. Don’t overwhelm yourself with ‘gigs’, be conscientious of your time and efforts. I hope this helps. I had 5 orders come in very quickly over the span of a few hours and had to change my duration and extend the delivery date.

This is why I’m sharing this with you, so you have a heads up for what you might experience. Be prepared and be ready so you won’t have to.


for me its better i suspend them instead of putting my delivery time up, because if you do that you have to do a average to come back to the starting delivery time you choosed. as example if you have a gig you have 3 days and get too mutch orders and you set it up to 7days, and you wat to set it back to 3 days after a week or so it still says 7 days until you have a better average time. So its better to suspend them until you have more time.


Interesting do you know how long it takes to go live? About 24 hours or so? Not sure on this.


Busy is good, but can be overwhelming as well! When I am not on the forum, means I am busy!! LOL I try and stay ahead, no matter what my timeline is. So if I have 5 days delivery, I normally deliver in 3. However, have the extra 2 for when things get hectic.