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Wow back to back tip

Hi Guys

Yesterday I got back to back tips $120 and $100 with good reviews, I’m so happy about that.
I would like to share some tips here… i see many new sellers feel bad when client ask for many changes or revisions…

Always try to make sure you do what your Buyer is asking if you cant give a proper reason… Make sure you even do extra work if you can and in return you will get a Tip for sure… I know there are some buyer who ask for multiple revisions… but at the they are always happy to give Tip also…

What’s you maximum TIP?


Congrats! You are right but for new seller to reach at that Level is not easy and then we can think like you are…

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learn learn learn, I’m still learning new things and apply it.

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Congrats bro. I am a new seller . I am trying to get orders.

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share your gig in social media, get some traffic to it. try buyer request. hope you can get orders.

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@ jesh_art_studio thank you for the advice . I shared my gigs through many platforms. But I didn’t have any traffic on my gig.

be patient, It take two months receive my first order.

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