WOW! Completed 25,000 Orders!


Completed Orders


Awesome! You are one of the stars here :slight_smile: [I actually recommended you to one of my clients when I was overbooked recently.]


Thanks my friend! Glad to hear that. Hahaha, if you reduce your deliver time to 2-3 days, I’m sure you’d hit 25,000 orders in a year for sure :slight_smile: You have to bear the stress though :smile:


that’s so great! Well done :slight_smile:


Wow, 25,000 for real? Congrats man, can you be my mentor? *winks


This is wonderful , will love to be your partner in the deal


Congratulations! Feeling glad to hear that! Well done :hugs:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hahaha Sure! :slight_smile:


Thanks man! :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: Best of luck on your endeavor too.


@wddweeras1 thats great. You set the bar very high for others :slight_smile: A real Doer :slight_smile: Kesp going man, sky is the limit.


COOL :heart_eyes:
Will glad to hear single tips to boost up my selling.


@wddweeras1 Congratulation Bro
I am a new seller in fiverr please some advice.How can I get more orders from my fiver gigs?


That’s great. Keep it up. :sparkles:


Congratulation dear. Keep it…


Wahou congrats! I’m sure you’re one of those making $100k a year on Fiverr


Thanks man! Yeah, sky is the limit :slight_smile:


Hahaha Sure, I will. I can’t reach your profile/gigs though?


wow.very well done.keep working like this.