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Wow! Fiverr Customer Services is great

Well, it was awesome. Let me share my experience with you.

Several days ago a buyer placed his order on one of my gig. I delivered his order within like couple of hours, and guess what? He asked for a revision while the delivery time was already over. I was feeling nervous that I’ll get a negative feedback on my profile.

Later on, I re-deliver the buyer’s order and after a couple of days he marked the order as completed, but the worst part is he gave me a negative feedback with full of sh**.

So what I did next? Well, I contacted the fiverr customer services right away, and explained them everything in my request along with the screenshots of the buyer’s feedback.

Guess what now?

Well, a couple of hours later, I got a reply from the Fiverr customer services saying that they reviewed everything carefully and removed that negative feedback.

Now I have 100% positive response on my page. Everything is going pretty good.

So the bottom line is, just do your good work and deliver your work within time. Inspite of that, if the customer gives you a negative feedback, straight away contact the fiverr customer support and explain them everything you went thru. They will definitely consider your issue, review the order event, and make a better decision.


How could the delivery time be over when you delivered within a couple of hours?

lucky one…congrats

Just keep in mind, though, Fiverr Customer Support isn’t going to remove every bad review that you receive. You’re probably not going to stay at a 100% rating forever. You’re right, though, keep delivering great work – but expect the less than 5-star reviews too. It’s part of being a seller here on Fiverr.

You actually do not get it, do you?

I delivered his order within couple of hours, but he replied next day, which means 24 hrs of the order were already over.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, I agree with you man, but here is the thing, new sellers do need a fiver star feedback and they should not expect less, because if they get a less star feedback within their first 5 feedbacks, then they won’t be able to send their offers/gigs to anyone, until they have 90% positive feedback, which means that first 5 feedbacks are very important.

The gig doesn’t really complete until 3 days after delivery, though. So that’s probably where the confusion lies. If other people aren’t getting what you write, perhaps you should write better?

What if they deliver crap work that’s nowhere near what could reasonably be expected? Nobody should expect a 5-star review. They’re earned. The Fiverr 5-star obsession is just a result of the implementation of a poor review system. CS will remove obviously misleading/false reviews though, so that’s good.

If they deliver such a crap, obviously they will get a negative feedbacks. I was reading the Feedback removing policy, the main point was written there “customer support” review other clients feedbacks on your page when you request for removing a feedback.
If overall feedbacks on your page are positive, but a single feedback is negative, then the customer support is in your favor. And this is what I did, I screentshot my clients’ feedbacks and sent to customer support. I request them to review my page. And overall I had a 5 star feedback from my clients. Therefore, the customer support removed that negative comment.

Really? How would you say that?

You know what? When the client asked for revision. It was clearly mentioned there "LATE"
Now you tell me whom fault is it?
I delivered his order within like couple of hours, and he replied next day.
So whom fault is it?

The countdown stops at the moment when you deliver. So if you for example deliver within 4 hours and he the buyer requests a revision the next day, the countdown starts again with 20 hours left. If it is a 24 hour delivery.
This is where the confusion kicked in.

As Mario said below, this is what many people will assume when you say that the “delivery time was over”, as until that 72 hours is done, buyers can ask for a modification (and repeatedly!), further delaying the delivery completion. As a side note, you can ignore the LATE in modifications as it doesn’t affect your ratings in any way.

Your buyer was just being an ass. Side side note, stop using the word whom–you keep using it wrong and as a grammar nazi, it irks me :slight_smile:

Just chill :slight_smile:

When I delivered the buyer’s order. I am dead sure that I had checked the timing, and the clock was still ticking.

It would be great if you tell me how to use the word “whom” correctly.
FYI, I’m not a native speaker. I’m trying my best. If it pisses you off. I must say you better teach me the correct use of this word or you can leave. :slight_smile:

Whom is a rare example of the dative case in English. English doesn’t have cases. It took me a long time (via German and Greek) to understand why cases are cool, and I hate them–they confuse and scare me.

Aside from that, it’s pretty archaic. Just use whose. Like, in that sentence (and remember that whom is dative), you said: “So whom fault is it?”

You should have used “whose” in this, er, case (“So whose fault is it?”). If you wanted to use whom, you have to make it dative, right?

So with whom does the fault lie?
To whom does the fault belong?

Those are just two examples of using whom correctly. But essentially, “whom” should only be used when the “who” (and it is always a who, as it must be a person) is having the verb done to them, or at least the indirect object of the verb.

So, John gives Mary an apple.
“to whom did John give the apple” Nobody will say this unless they want to sound smart; most people would just say “who did John give the apple to?” or something like that.


(I don’t really get pissed off, it just stands out to me and I sometimes feel compelled to comment if it’s a repeated mistake rather than a typo)

EDIT: this wiki may interest you (and also be in your mothertongue)

This is weird. Never experienced that.

I just had a look at an order I delivered. The buyer didn’t react due to working hours. It will be marked completed one of these days. The clock disappeared entirely.

My delivery time was 7 days and I delivered within 24 hours. The countdown clock is gone.
However, as I never offered a 24 hour delivery things probably look different for me.