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WOW! Four featured gigs!

How about that? This morning when I opened Fiverr’s main page to log in, I see that ALL FOUR of my gigs are featured. I have been waiting to see at least one of my gigs on the main page, since I have two gigs that have no competition here, but all four at the same time? Perhaps I should un-pause the one that is now paused and deal with being overbooked on it again later!

Amazing, congratulations!

Wonderful! Your gigs are great and we should talk–cars, astronomy, SEO and writing are some of my hobbies.

Super, Good luck,I love fiverr.

FOUR?!!! Congratulations! :)]

Congratulations! =D>

Wow lucky you, that’s amazing, congrats.

Sorry but i can’t see any of your gig featured!

You might want to make yourself a whole pot of coffee now, ( or get a whole case of Red Bull)
you’ll be flooded with orders!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The gigs that appear on the front page aren’t all featured gigs. They’re also some of the gigs that you visited lately. So, when you visit your own gigs, you’d probably see them later on the front page, but it’s only you, not the rest of the world.
When a gig gets featured, it gets a special label that says so, and I guess you’ll also receive an email from Fiverr to notify you about it (I’m not sure about that part, as my gig has never been featured).

@reinier01 i think you should be prepared for more orders

Wohoo :slight_smile: someone will take red bull :slight_smile:


Reply to @misscrystal: Sure, i’d love that. Drop me a line anytime you are ready- I look forward to it.

Reply to @ilovenish: You are right- it seems they were pushed off the featured page by other gigs. Which is not a bad thing, since I cannot keep up with my current orders anyway. A flood of new order would have sunk me completely!

Reply to @zeus777: Having too much work is fun only for a little while!

Reply to @reinier01: Featured gigs have a 'Featured" label which i can’t see any on your gig. This proves that many people comments here without viewing your profile/gigs.

You are doing good. Wish you all success.

Reply to @reinier01: Consider raising your prices by lowering the word count. This way you will be able to keep up with the demand and it will allow you to generate more income ;).

Reply to @belengarcia: I hear you, but my gigs all had the label you mention on them. I did not receive n email though. I never visit anybody else’s gigs, and also never my own. Perhaps the whole thing was a glitch or a bug of some sort- who knows? At any rate, they are not featured anymore. Not that I am complaining- I am fortunate in that I have enough work to keep me going for at least the next four months.