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Wow, have you seen fiverr gig's NEW LOOK/Design? its cool

Hey, just from now i am getting new look into my all the gig page. have you guys seen it? its look really cool but sidebar is looking very empty… i think related random gig should shows on the sidebar…


How do you ensure exactly 5000 people will like whatever you advertise?

The new look seems to be great, and the empty space is visible only to you. The visitors will see all your added extras on that space.

The problem is that they have removed the orders in queue information :frowning:

That was really useful.

I don’t think it’s an important factor in buyers decisions - the most important are reviews and ratings.

Ooh, I do love the new look!

But I wish they’d make the contact button more prominent. So many buyers don’t feel comfortable ordering directly and don’t know a contact button even exists.