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Wow....How Rude


A seller wanted samples of blog titles. I said I did not offer free samples, but the buyer could visit my portfolio and see samples titles of post I had written along with the post. I think the person wanted free work.

His response, “That is the problem with you, you never give free samples, buy.”

Enjoy losing your account guy…I flagged you and marked it as inappropriate behavior.


buy buy indeed.
it’s a shame he refuses to ‘buy’ much of anything…


That’s quite mild. Take this charmer:

This is in my inbox. He wanted me to rewrite some words (basic gig) but consult me first. I told him that a consultation fee would apply. He lost his shit. I don’t really know half of what he’s babbling on about, but I reported him and Fiverr blocked him from me, although he’s still around. I haven’t seen that damning blog post yet, either.

Buyers, if you’re going to behave like this, knob off.


I’m sorry you won’t do what I say.
I should sent it to someone more desparate
But, I just had a thought about spending $10/20 on a 254-word introduction
Thanks for spotting that–I may have had to cancel /s

Good luck with your endless career, working for scraps to get to $10k [ed note: lol]
from 18,000 reviews–then you can brag to your mates about how great you are.

Would it be OK if I made a blog post about how shit you are?

You know, scammers who bait and switch and boast about things they don’t have?

[I had told him that I had 1800+ five star reviews, so I knew what I was doing. Go–check my profile, unlike this idiot!]


I am still trying to figure out what that buyer meant. :sweat: Is that a new type of english vinglish?


To cut a tedious conversation short, I didn’t want to “discuss” his rewrite project with him, and told him that it would be an extra $10 on top of the $10 for the basic gig, which covered the rewrite. He got pissy about it and asked me if this was normal. I got a bit pissy back and said that I was thinking of implementing a consultation fee anyway, as [etc], and that we would not make a good fit. Then that happened.

Shortly after that, he accused me of extortion, being unprofessional and other assorted insults, while being ferociously happy that he’d dodged a bullet or something. I was rather hoping he’d come on the forum so I could take some proper swipes at him, but that never happened. But he’s still out there… beware, beware!


Does he look Scary :fearful:
*biting nails


I translated–or should I say, rewrote–his rant. Mine is better and more understandble, of course.


He should have to pay you at least a basic just for the rant rewrite.



Oh, don’t. The foot pervs will be onto me now.


Honestly, I’m more in love with your hand now…:heart_eyes:
Are you a hand model??


Man, I wish. Seems like an easier job…


Iam more with your eyebrows. :heart_eyes: Your are quite adorable, lady :smirk:


You should open up a gig showcasing your nice hands holding different colors of peppers… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Based on their capsicum rating and my corresponding feisty/spiciness?

Anyway, we should not let my slender fingers and arched eyebrows distract from this thread, which is horrible, rude buyers!


Now, now, what’s all this flirting? We’ll have none of that here. This is a ranting, moaning, and dueling forum, not the woman meets tiny capsicum on Tinder appreciation society.

Rude customers? Here’s a recent one. It started with a message from a self-help coach. i.e. An I’m a cantankerous emotional wreck who wants to seem important and well balanced:


I’m after copy to appeal to a womens audience.

Particularly, for a high end coaching business to appeal to that type of person.

Please do not send product samples - that is not what I’m after - I’m after powerful copy that connects to a woman’s heart and makes her want to take action to improve herself and her business.

Do you have any samples I could look at?"



Sorry, I don’t give away samples. That said, I wouldn’t have a problem with this brief providing that you could forward more information regarding the kind of coaching you offer.

Kind Regards,


Buyer instantly turning to infuriated toddler mode because she hasn’t got what she wanted:

"Whos asking you to giveaway anything?

I would NOT hire anyone that can not back their work.

And clearly - you cant.



"I hope that you have a wonderful day too.

Kind Regards,


Now curiously, I then got a notification that this buyer reported me for being inappropriate!

Personally, I think I was the perfect gentleman.


(self help coach)


Big guns! Well… I wish to be a big gun one day.:grinning:


Yeah, I had to read it 3 times…I still had a problem understanding it.
I think I prefer Emma’s translated version…