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Wow i am level 2 seller within 2.5 month


Hello everyone. I am finally a Level2 Seller
when i start selling on fiverr someone said that for success i need to hard work upto 6month but i get success within 7day by getting 5 order and i thing i am very lucky
Thanks Fiverr, and thank you all (buyers, for your orders and tips) I’ve learned a lot for fiver
Please suggest what can I do to increase my sale and become top level seller
Thank you to my all fouum friends




Congratulations. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


can you share the tips and the ways you became a level 2 seller in 2 months? I really need hints at this point


Nothing special . i just believe in myself what i did and providing good service to my buyer.
work as much as i can


Well done I wish I could do this please do you have any advice?


Response as much as possible on buyer request , active most of the time and most important compare your gig price with other seller gig and make the price and offer more attractive


Since you already have a great formula that you are using to get sales, then don’t relent but improve your skills and sharpen your hardworking instinct.


Thank you so much for your advice