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Wow... I did not notice 500+ Reviews!


I can’t believe I didn’t notice but I hit the 500 review mark a couple of days ago!!! Fudge Yeah! The best part is made it here without making a single late delivery. I don’t know how many sleepless nights and all-nighters I’ve gone through to maintain a 100% on-time delivery ratio.

Over the past year, Fiverr has helped me a lot provide for my family especially when my dad got hospitalized. Fiverr truly has been a blessing and I’m hoping to make a business out of it. To every newcomer, struggling to hang in there just keep a cool head and think about thing in the long run and you’ll succeed.

Hopefully, I’ll have a 1000 reviews this time next year (if the lack of Fiverr traffic doesn’t kill me that is). On that note, tell me when was your first late delivery?


That’s awesome! Way to go! :tada: :+1:


Thanks. I’m surprised I didn’t notice I hit the mark.


Hey, you know, you’re right… let’s celebrate with fudge! :chocolate_bar:


thats crazy lol i cant wait to hit 100 reviews…:sunglasses: Congratulations!


Good start!:+1:


Thanks man, you’ve been a great help. @jonbaas already got some :3 Seriously, I made fudge after I noticed i got over 500 reviews.