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Wow ! I earned Level one badge

Wow…!!! I am so much excited.I have been joined fiverr since one moth and I earned level one badge. My one Gig is sold in 20 times. Frankly, I did not expect this one coming at all. The feeling is awesome.

Thanks to my honorable buyer, all seller and authority of fiverr.

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Yes, I earned.Thank you.Wish you all the best. !!!


Congratulations. BTW the way, you didn’t win the badge, you earned it!

That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

Great news from you! Well done and enjoy here on fiverr!

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Thank You .!!!

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I am really enjoying on fiverr.!!! Thank you…

Wish you all the best!! hope you next post telling like this "Wow…!!! I am so much excited. I earned level TWO (2) badge.


This is so awesome!!! Congratulations! How amazing does it feel?!! Am I right?!! Keep up the great work and you’ll move up like nobody’s business!

Congrats! It’s a little but in the same a huge step!

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Thank you.!!!Hope you too…

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Its amazing…Thank you…!!wish you all the best…!!!

Yes,I have a long way to go…Thank`s

Awesome, Congrats!

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Thank you…!!!

dear, I visited your profile & I saw (you have joined since two month) you created seven Gigs where six gigs are new arrival and one are sold in one time.I saw from World domination map your gigs are sold 12 times and 2% Domination.

Did you delete your gigs that were sold??

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Nope :slight_smile: Fiverr did, I mentioned a mediafire link in my gig and I didn’t know that it wasn’t allowed so It was denied and I lost many customers I think xD

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mediafire link does not allow in Gigs,right???

Congrat my friend.I will soon join you on that level.Am working towards that.

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Thanks a lt.!!! Wish you all the best…!!!

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yes and if you mention it your gig will be deleted