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Wow! I Got To level One Today - Celebrate With Me


I couldn’t believe it, just waked up and check my fiverr account and saw am now in level one. wow, am happy. Although am still looking forward for more promotions [level 2 and top rated] but am happy for my good starting point. Please celebrate with me. Here are the unique gigs that brought that:

Thanks All.



congrats!! :slight_smile: I’m new here too and hoping I make it to that mark soon as well :)!


many congratulations.


YA! WTG! :)>-


Thanks & Thanks




Congratulations @esolutionmaker :slight_smile:




congrats and u soon reach level 2 :slight_smile:






Congratulations! :smiley: Haha. I just got to Level One today and it feels nice. Lol.


congratulations :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Haha.