Wow, I'm convinced!


I have to admit, I was skeptical that this was going to work at all! But, in less than 24 hours I have had my first gig!

It was only 5 bux (really 4), but who cares?!? This may be a great way to make some extra side money while I research and startup my new blog, and be able to live my dream of eventually being self-employed!

Thank you fiverr!


Awesome dude. It’s a great feeling actually.

I remember having my gig open for around 9 days before a buyer came. I kept checking back and checking back… nothing. Then one day the alarm sounded on my phone.

'Xxxx has submitted the info for order no. Xxxx.'

Keep delivering high quality work and the gigs just keep coming. Before you know it you can turn a few hundred dollars a week on Fiverr. As a fellow writer, I can honestly say, your income is in your own hands!


Congrats, Jeff. Keep reaching for your dreams :slight_smile:


Congrats jeff… great to hear from you that even you are a newbie… I am also new out here…


been here a few days myself, but its quite hard getting noticed as a new buyer.




Good job!!! Congrats :slight_smile: