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Wow just lost my level 2 badge


Hi, happy news, today morning i just lost my level 2 badge and i have received a mail as well, saying that i have shared my details with a client. So funny…

Yesterday 1 client asked me that he need to discuss about his project through skype or call, but i told him that we cannot contact you outside of fiverr, i always instructing my clients that we cannot contact outside of fiverr because it is against fiverr tos. Then he replied with his mobile number and i told him to send the script for the video through fiverr only. Then he said ok. After sometime i got an email from fiverr that my account was depromoted to level 1 and i lost some of my high earning gigs as well.

I already sent mail to customer support with the screenshots of conversation with the client but no reply yet. This is a complete mistake from fiverr side and i am loosing my orders because of this badge. what the hell is happening here, no idea…i am always standing with fiverr tos and this is what i got it back from them.


That’s sad, please keep patience. Fiverr is going through tough time, they need our support in this vital time.


Hi,u got the demoted just bcaz of u used word OUTSIDE in yours msg.yeah it’s better to wait for the reply from fiverr side.


Yes its filtering option is not working properly i guess


if you are loyal to fiverr then you will get your batch back from fiverr. good luck !


@graphicempire wait for fiverr CS reply


It’s getting the point where you could dig a hole to hell and still not reach the bottom of Fiverr’s automated banning and customer service ineptitude.

Enough with all the nonsensical changes. Fiver needs to desperately get its customer service act together and stop these kind of false positives from happening.

It was bad enough when sellers started getting demoted because of impossible to avoid cancellations. Now sellers are getting demoted and banned for posting legitimate buyer requests, order delivery bugs, SMS verification bugs, and buyers triggering message flagging.

This really is ridiculous. In fact, it’s at the point where Fiverr is altogether dangerous for professional sellers to commit to.


I am working here for morethan 5 years man and this is the first time, i don’t know whats going on here…


Ohh sad mam
As a senior person at fiverr,
I wish you will get your badge soon


feeling sad for u bro but dont worry keep it up


That’s bad. Sorry about it.
Hopefully your badge get restored.

I wish you the very best.


That’s really sad but don’t give up on Fiverr too soon. Let’s see what they have to say about the entire case. Everything will be fine. :slight_smile:


Got reply from cs

Hi there,

I am sorry to hear about this issue.

I will need to review your request further to confirm. As soon as I’m able to provide you the details, I will follow up in this ticket request.

10 of my gigs has been paused because of level 1, don’t know what to do…


Don’t worry
They will resolve the issue soon


do they use some automated system for this?


My account was restored, they are saying that it was an error in the website…:star_struck::star_struck:


Good luck. I’m happy for you


Thanks brother, good luck for everyone those who supported me…