Wow, just wow.. I Just had the WORST buyer!


Ok, so I have never done this before, but I have just had the worst experience with a buyer in my 3+ years on Fiverr. This journey starts nearly 9 days ago when I receive a message saying “Hi I am a photographer, I need help with my website, can you write content that represents who I am?” I respond with my usually, “Why of course I would be happy to, what are the details of your project…” blah blah blah. He proceeds to send me a message saying how he would prefer to talk to me via Skype because he is no good at typing. I, of course, tell him no and that we can discuss the project through Fiverr’s messaging form. Fine. Whatever. He’s cool with it. He then goes on and on, and ON about the type of ‘voice’ he wants me to portray, which is mostly just other websites with seemingly vague content. That’s fine, I ask for examples to base my content off of. Moving on…

So fast forward to yesterday (5 days after he made a purchase but still 2 days before the content is due), he sends me a message asking for an update on the content. Still ok, I tell him I have a full queue and the content will be turned around according to my 7 day description. He says, Ok great. No problem. So today I spend hours working on a $5 gig (yes I know probably my own fault) and go well over my word count only to receive a rude, hateful, and ridiculous message in return. He proceeds to tell me that he could not even finish reading what I wrote for him because it was HORRENDOUS and was not him at all. He says he wants to forget that we ever met and says he won’t ‘ruin’ me with a 1 star review.

Eh… ok buddy. First of all, I have well over 800 reviews on the gig he purchased from me with a 5.0 rating,so not sure how you would ‘ruin’ me with a measly 1 star review, but whatever. Second, OMFG! I refunded his money simply because I am so insulted by the message he sent me, and because I can take or leave $4.

However, I am so angry that buyers like this can’t be banned on Fiverr, or at the very least banned from buying from me! Seriously? I just spent 9 days working on his project and talking to this jerk only to have to deal with that RIDICULOUS comment.

Sorry guys, just wanted to get that off my chest…


This is what the Ranting Pot is for, dear: Full-on Ranting! ~lol~ Let your fingers pound the keyboard, get the anger out, take a nice cleansing breath, and (hopefully) feel a bit better~

I have a rant story…feel free to skip it, if you want. Otherwise…

When I was a teen, I worked in a fine gift store. Christmas was, of course, crazy, but we always had to smile at the cranky customers. One man was just pissy from the minute he came in, but I kept the smile glued on my face, helped with his purchase, giftwrapped it. Fine. He wanted to pay by check, and my boss had strict rules about when/how to accept them, including seeing ID and getting a phone number. By now this man was about ready to pop, I have no idea why, I guess he was in a rush. He threw the check at me, grabbed his bag and stomped out of the shop. By then I, too, was ready to blow a gasket.

I ran out the door after him and screamed angrily down the street towards his fleeing back:


And as I turned in a huff, I heard all these cheerful voices calling out all along the busy street: “Merry Christmas!” “Merry Christmas to you!” “Merry Christmas!” "Happy New Year!"

My anger completely dissipated! I had yelled in anger, but all those people just heard the words, and called back to me, not in anger but in the spirit of the season. That happened decades ago, and I still laugh about it whenever someone makes me really angry~ (In my head, I yell at them, Well, Merry Christmas to YOU, Too!)


Reply to @celticmoon: That is such a beautiful story. :slight_smile:


Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you! That was a really sweet story :slight_smile:


Most Agency’s will not allow abuse. Since all communication is done in writing, Could someone not present an abuse to freelancers policy in the terms and agreement to buyers. Most level headed people understand and are used to this. I assure fiverr it will not cost you business. And it may weed out the dead beats anyway.


Reply to @missyfoot: You’re correct, and Fiverr’s Terms of Service says this:

:black_medium_small_square:Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account disabled permanently

The problem is that the customer support is managed by lots of different people, and without specific guidelines, everyone’s interpretation of what is “rude” or “abusive” may be slightly different. @gingerwriter’s story clearly shows abusive and rude behavior and language, and had she decided to file a report, customer support probably would’ve backed her. It just wasn’t worth her while to do so this time (she’s got an awesome reputation and plenty of orders, so this person’s threats are fairly meaningless!). And we have this nifty ‘Ranting Pot’ forum…great for getting some tantrums out of your system after dealing with the idjits of the world~!



Some people seem to think that because gigs on here are $5 that means they can treat the Sellers with no respect. If he wasn’t happy, he could have simply said that, no need for abuse. You have to wonder, most of the Buyers are business people, I would hate to think that’s how they relate to their own customers.


Reply to @celticmoon: Aw thanks!

Also, I didn’t even mention that he also said “Who the HELL would hire me with what you wrote?!”… Yea… swell guy. Hope his photography business goes well… oh and he also told me had cancer. How can someone who suffered from such a terrible illness be so cruel? Shouldn’t he be thankful he is alive? (No offense!)

gingerwriter said: he also told me had cancer.
That's a shame. And I know that he might be particularly cranky or in some pain due to the treatments. BUT. My sympathy only goes so far. I happen to live with severe chronic pain which never goes away, and it's been that way for over 13 years. Yes, occasionally it comes through as an extra dollop of sarcasm ( 'snark'?), but if I feel tempted to write something truly mean because I'm really hurting, I try (TRY) to be a decent human, and just walk away from the keyboard for awhile.
Besides, they have really good drugs now.
No, I think having cancer is not his problem, just his excuse.


i feel you! same happened to me, when a buyer insulted my English language skills!! just because i replied 18 minutes late… she messaged me with a threat that i should hurry up or she will hire someone else. so i sent her my apologies and let her go to find another buyer. and guess what? currently i am dealing with $50-$100 projects. and i was going to give her a favour with $11 offer !! and she kept on harassing me. and called me annoying…i feel bad right now how can she insult me this way…


I get one of these clowns a week it would seem, they seem normal at first, then do their best Jekyll and Hyde routine after you deliver, for reasons only known to them? It sucks but I wouldn’t let it get you down, they’re just trolls who feed off others misery, in the end they will get their comeuppance, karma has a way of coming full circle and balancing the universe out!:slight_smile:


This is an old thread, but as a follow-up, that same buyer sent a message a few months back requesting more work. I was like, "I’m not interested in working with you, and I’m surprised you would hire me again considering the work was so “dreadful”.


Sadly, I’m not surprised at all. He was a scammer, and presumably still is. Seeing as he wanted to “hire” you again, he was just using his insults to get free work.


It is too, didn’t notice, oops, LOL


Gingerwriter, I feel you right now!!! these situations are normal on fiverr… in the beginning i was angry and sad but looking at people and reading other sellers stories now i know how this is all confused buyers fault.

I have also worked and refunded because it was insulting and i wish the same. for reason, sellers have less protection and buyers blackmail us with negative review threats


This post is from 2014 :wink: