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Wow ! My first ever bought gig on Fiverr

I wanna just share my happiness with you.

I have just submitted the work I have done

for a kind buyer. I wrote him an article in

1000 words respecting key SEO words.

He was so satisfied and I got my first four dollars.

My Best,


Always a nice feeling to get the first order out of the way and get rid of that big, fat ZERO where it lists your feedback score.

Keep it up! As a fellow writer, I know you’ll get a fair few orders at 1000 words a gig. It’s well above the average word count.

Many thanks for your nice words. I will do my best.

Its been a year on Fiverr. I haven’t get any Order. I dont know why is it so?

I am a University Student and I have to meet my fee expenses. I am really worried now. Can some one look at my gigs?

Is there any problem in them please tell me. I shall be very thankful to all respected members.