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WOW...My Gig is back again on The FIRST PAGE

My Gig was on the last page of my skills Category.But i bring that on my first page.and Now buyer are contacting to me.I also Got the Order of $70.:joy::joy:


wow congrats mate .:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


how can you bring them in first page ?


How did you get your gig on first page?

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I advertised my gig.

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First of all, congratulations! :tada:

Second, how could you see in which page your gig was?

Third, can you elaborate on advertising? At which platform?

Thank you in advance!


open the without login.then type your professional name in- like coder, web designer, video editor in search will see the list of professional.
I advertise on facebook my self.

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That doesn’t put you on the first page. Now people are going to read this and start spamming more.

This was clearly a coincidence unless you are do good at marketing that you got many, many sales directly from your ads themselves and that queued the system to increase your rank, which I sincerely doubt.


This is not only one reason to bring your profile on first page.I also won the job and got 5 star rating and good feedback.all factors bring me on first page.

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How did you get?On what Skills you worked on?

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Congratulations !!

I am trying from very log time but didn’t get succces yet.

Could you please share some tips?? I will really appreciate.

Good luck again @manish63


Be active on Fiverr.Update gig an load your gig’s video instead the banner.

I provide 3d animation, Rigging, Modeling service.

how do you advertise you gig?

how do you advertise on facebook?

Hello i will reply few of your Question
how could you see in which page your gig was?
for this you have to Search you gig niche on the Fiverr Search box type in of of your gig keyword Eg Banner Design the select it and keep scrolling down if your gig isn’t in page1 NEXT it to page2 and so on till you see your gig on any of the page

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Correct answer.This is true method.

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I advertise myself.i know all about facebook marketing.

Thanks that the only way to know if your Gig is being ranked or not

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