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Wow my Gigs just blasted

For those of you who are having trouble with optimizing your gig well it takes a lot of effort and dedication but if you throw yourself into it you surely will get the results.

What i did different?

I added some quality videos and a great description including a sprinkle from the title.

It’s 2020. Wish you A new year, a new decade for your fiverr career. Make the most of your horizons ahead by being open to possibilities. Say yes to opportunity more than no.


Great Job And Happy New Year…

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Great job… carry on.

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good job and happy new year.

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carry on , happy new year. :smiley:


great job and also pray for us

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Enjoy a productive week a ahead.

Thanks, Hope you have a great day too;

Check it out here : Mine is :slight_smile:

great inspiration, happy new year

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TY ! Have a great day.

TY~ Have a great day.

2020 Enjoy ~ odhiambo56

Great stuff ! 2020

A new decade 2020~ Enjoy.

Hope u are having a Productive Week !

Have a Great day !

Thanks for your aspiration

Have a productive week :slight_smile: