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Wow! My highest order price on Fiverr yet $1860


It’s been a long journey on Fiverr but finally I think I’m on the verge of success with Fiverr. Made my highest earnings from a single customer $1700 for an Dropshipping online store. The customer initially ordered for something else on my virtual assistant gig, the initial order was only $160 but she mentioned something I could do and I told her I could do it and gave her some ideas. Then just like joke, she keyed into the idea and told me to name a price for building that store with 400 products. I did and the rest was history. She ordered immediately and total order ran into $1860. My aim is to get close to this or more daily on Fiverr. It’s possible but how?


Wow…Congratulation to you…
I think it’s all about your communication skill…


congratulation to your historical success.Keep it up.:heart_eyes:




Hmmm!!! True, my communication skills in my opinion is excellent. She mentioned at the beginning that she liked that I was able to respond to her request quickly.


Thank your so much for the kind words.


Thank you so much. I appreciate your reply.


Many Congratulations Man @yelenafiver :tada::tada::tada:


Don’t be too happy soon.
May be:


Just wow. And congratulations.


@yelenafiver Congratulation on your success. :+1:


Wow, congratulations to you


@yelenafiver congratulation! Good luck.


Congratulations to you


Congratulations! Good luck


Don’t think like that. If you cannot appreciate someone in their good time, don’t ruin their peek time.

Congratulations to OP. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


congrats :clap::clap:


Keep in mind that there is a certain amount of risk associated to orders this big.
Is your customer new to Fiverr?


It is possible if you don’t actually have any work to do on a given order. If you are accepting an order like this everyday, you will also need to deliver an order like this everyday. I would say that simply isn’t feasible. Well done, though.


Many Congratulations, I think you have to stay active on Fiverr & need to deliver quality work!