WOW! New 20K rule to be nominated as a TRS!


Earn at least $20,000 from completed orders (all time)

Thank you Fiverr for letting us know the requirements! :wink:
Now I, and people like me will sleep well to know that we are not gonna make that much from Fiverr for decades. :joy::sunglasses:


Hi, @n4y33m :wink: :bulb:
Possibly you missed the pinned topic.


I missed, but I was reading! However, My analytics shows this:

So, I am not sure what is the benefit of reading those thread with Updated rules. xD


I find it hilarious that Fiverr staff seem to have no idea how much (or how little) people are actually selling.


That’s not a big deal, I made the number in my first 18 months or so. I am worried about other things though.


If you are worried then a lot of other people should be terrified.


I have explained precise reasons why I am concerned in one of the threads on the new system…do look it up…I think those are genuine concerns…


LOL!Yeah. The name suggests, most of the people are selling $5 gigs on this site which means they need to sell 4k of their basic gigs! Quite funny of course!


Well done! I expect no less from you da’! :heart_eyes:
However, for me, it may take a century, so I better sleep well from now on! :sunglasses:


Oh I’m sure they know. It’s the only metric that rarely comes up in regard to being buggy too, unlike all those rates, and it’s not much of an effort involved with it, like they might have to factor in whether a cancellation was seller’s fault or not. The revenue speaks for itself. The cold hard truth. If anything, I’m actually surprised that the $ threshold is not higher and the buggy rates thresholds lower.


I’m sure they checked top rated sellers once a month at least anyway.


Now it is all about money :money_mouth_face::money_with_wings::moneybag:


You will get there don’t worry, things will escalate exponentially if you keep working hard…


I’d love to have your order completion rate. I’m at 87%. I have 2 months to either get at TRS nomination (I meet all those requirements) or lose my level 2 because I’ve got to get to 90%.


WOW! New 20K rule to be nominated as a TRS!

That probably isn’t a new rule. It took me over two years to become a top rated seller and it was most likely for that reason.


I make no where near what people might assume I do by reading this, but I’m actually surprised how low this benchmark is. I’d say bump it up to $40K made every 2-years to make things more reasonably competetive.


I think most TRS do make at least $20,000 a year. That’s less than $2000 a month.


@misscrystal You are proof that it can be done with a lot of hard work :slight_smile:


If thats the criteria then I should be on my 3rd lap of being a TRS…but I don’t worry. I’ve been at the level (over 20K, 90+% on all my others and nearly 5 stars from the get go). I can’t do more that that…except delivery orders and respond to messages BEFORE they come in! LOL :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I know, this is not a new rule, but it was secret all the time. However, they published it with the new update, so I am more comfortable to know the requirements. Also, I think, everyone likes to know things rather than keeping it secret from 'em! :wink: