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Wow! Now Sellers can talk with buyer via video call

Recently fiverr launched a new feature for sellers. Now all sellers able to communicate via video call with buyers. This feature available with V.I.D Buyers. New buyers can’t have this action.
By the way, this feature work very helpful for me. Put your comment in reply what you thing about this feature.


Wow,That’s great news!!!

I like it😃

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Read well



This is very good step from fiverr.

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yea! :smile: :smile: :smile:

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This options is available just in the chat? In case if you have problems with the order… the Fiverr will verify this calls?

The sellers will just spending time on this calls… “30 min or 1 hour”… and in the end maybe they don’t will get the order.

I think that is unnecessary… for example in rare cases the clients record a video an attached in the chat… and we talk about it… you and the client don’t need reserve a hour to talk… specially talking about time zone.

i am working with VID buyer i saw the option it’s really helpful


lacily, I worked on vip buyer

This is a good news for us

yea! :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Wow… That’s Great :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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wow, that’s great for seller and buyer both they discuss about their project :heart_eyes:

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Yes. it will help. :smile:

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help me, how will i get a order?

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Hi there! This thread wasn’t about how to get more orders, so I would suggest making your own thread about that. Thanks!


Umm, okay. I’m suggesting that you create your own post because we don’t want to have off-topic replies on a thread.

By the way, I’m just telling you this to help you out because if you create your own post, you’ll definitely receive more responses and tips (heads up: some of which will be false).

I don’t know why you typed in all-caps, but I hope you understand why I told you to create your own topic. Thanks!


They don’t even understand what you are saying.

Their reply in my view, implies that you invited them to ask YOU how to get orders/give them suggestions.

You know you have been on the forum too long when you can decipher what they are saying and read between the lines!




Great feature to add a video call