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WOW, so people really DO copy your gigs!


I have read so many times ( and seen examples) of people’s gigs being copied.

Sometimes the gigs are exactly the same, and even the description is the same.

Just a few minutes ago, I found someone has copied my newest gig.

The gig title is sliiiiiightly different, and the description is 99.999% the same ( even the smiley face!) ,

but the funny thing is that the description and the sample photos are NOT consistent.

This seller’s gig says that he/she will use mini laundry pins to put up a message against a cork board

or a painted blue sky, but when I saw the 2 sample photos, neither of them had a cork board or a painted

sky background. Strange. Is this guy even aware that the description is not matching his photos??

I’m not sure how much I can complain about this gig since even though the description is being copied,

and the gig is quite similar, it isn’t completely the same as mine.

I’ll be honest though, I am still pissed.

Should I report this guy, or send him a message??? :-/


I would start by sending him a polite message explaining that you’ve found him and he’s copying your gig. I recently found someone who was using work that he didn’t pay for (I’d already put it on my blog), so I sent him two messages, a week apart. In the last one I gave him a deadline to respond and do something about it or I would report him to Fiverr CS. Nothing happened, so I’ve just reported him. I know Fiverr can’t do anything about the work being on another site but I wanted to warn them of his behaviour.

The trick is to be consistent and try to be polite. Give him a chance with a message. After a few days send him a reminder if he hasn’t replied with the threat of contacting CS. If again he doesn’t do anything, report him. 99% of the time they will make some changes because they’ve been caught in the act.


Reply to @aingham69:

I just sent him a message, I tried to sound reasonably polite.

Let’s see if this guy responds!


Reply to @madmoo:

Hi there, I think I know which seller you are talking about, but in this case I believe it’s

a different person.

It was quite shocking though, I typed in “clothesline” to see if there are other clothesline related gigs here, I found a few, and I just wanted to check what those people had to offer, all of them

were unique in their own ways, and then BOOM, I found my copied description.

Am I angry, yes, but it’s more like this duuuuuuuuuude come ooooooooon

are you seriooooooouuuuuuus kind of reaction is what I am having!


So, an update!!!

I sent a message to the guy last night, and he replied a few hours ago

telling me that the gig was created by one of his/her employees, and that they

never encourage this type of activities, so the gig has been deleted.

I went and checked, and yes, the gig is now gone.

Well, that was pretty easy and quick.

Hopefully it would be the first and last time for me.

I agree with you madmoo, I know that some people have mentioned that

we should be flattered, but I am flattered when another has been inspired

by my idea, NOT copy!!!


Reply to @zeus777: Glad to hear it worked out by sending a message.


Reply to @aingham69:

Thank you!

I’m glad that there was no drama, angry messages going back and forth,

none of that. He said he was sorry, gig has been deleted, case closed! :smiley: