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Wow that's unexpected!


So all of a sudden from nowhere some people purchased 3 laptops from my affiliate links. I also got a good project somewhere. Looks like this month is gonna end good. Wbu?


That’s life dude… happy moments, bad moments are all part of our life. It’s on us how we deal with those moments. Keep it up the goooood work! :slight_smile:


And… the hustle continues. Congrats!

Me: I started freelancing on another website and just made my first sale in under a week. uhmm… I eat coffee for…:smirk:


Congrats @zeeshan_tirmizi

Keep it up :slight_smile:


Glad for you man. Keep on rocking :slight_smile:


Will you suggest me that site? As I am getting no orders from a week. :disappointed_relieved: