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Wow The British Guy Is Not Being Featured For Once


Something must be wrong. The guy who does a greeting with just a union jack hat on is not being featured.


hahaha hes back now. farce.



As far as i am concerned TRS+FEATURED = GOD MODE.

Thus more reason to aim for the above :slight_smile:


I can’t… unsee… THAT GIG PIC.


Reply to @madmoo: True. I did this and now my gig has been Featured :slight_smile:


@ Thanks for the feedback and support (Shawn+madmoo)

I will give it a shot in time, I am still working on that one special gig that I think truly deserves it. :slight_smile:


I’m Scottish. If all it takes to be featured is a plastic party hat and an accent, I think I’m going to rake the $$$ in. Never mind, he wears a man thong. I have my pride…