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WOW! This is amazing!

I just tried out this gig and it was truly AWESOME!!!

I’ve tried so many different sellers whose followers were all bots but this one just blew me away. The results were STAGGERING!!!

Check it out now, you will thank me later!

Account removed.

I’m curious. You thought the gig was so good that you didn’t leave a review?
Seems a bit suspicious!!!
Are you doing this for a reason?
Are you going to suddenly get a nice review from him, seeing as you are a new seller? Or do you have a VERY CLOSE relationship with the seller?

Spam is not amazing.

Why do you both have the same type of gigs with the same graphics?

And his user ID and yours both start with “stan”?

Well prepared spam is amazing!

This is just sh*t on toast.

Another spammer on the lose

It’s funny that most of the reviews on the user he is recommending are just 3 folks repeatedly giving the same kind of review. I smell scam (it’s a mad men clip)

It’s amazing it’s so obvious they both are the same person.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
A new form of spam has just been introduced.

“Truly awesome…” you say…? May have to check that Gig out and make a couple orders to see what all the hype is about! Thanks!

Stanelliott has left the site.


First, order from @stanelliot who made the “amazing” comment. If you get a legit deal, great, but if he turns out to be a scammer, perhaps it’s worth reconsidering.

This must be a joke, friend you should respect TOS here.

Stanislovpetrov his alter ego is still live on the site though. And the link to him is still here so maybe this thread should be removed.

he seems to be gone…maybe I reconsider…:smiley:



New way of spamming. :smiley: