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Wow.. what?


This week has been absolutely terrible – what a bad start to the year.

I have gone from having over 200 orders with a perfect rating, to suddenly two negative reviews. I’m not sure what’s the go here… two negatives in two days.

I delivered the orders EXACTLY how they asked, and they still weren’t happy. Neither of the buyers provided me with an explanation, but simply wrote “don’t like it” or “not creative enough”. For starters – my gigs aren’t exactly meant to be for me to be creative. All I do is follow exact instructions, and if they want something changed then I am willing to comply. The funny thing is… both buyers asked me to modify their delivery… so I did; exactly as they wanted. I spend quite a while trying to make them happy… for what? An unjust negative review with absolutely no reason?

What’s worse is CS are unable to do anything about it. I deliver exactly as asked – spending hours of my time to satisfy customers… and I’m the one being punished? I don’t think I can even begin to describe the frustration right now. I literally do WHATEVER I can to make sure the buyer is satisfied. I did not deserve this, and it annoys me that there’s no protection on my behalf. I’m beginning to think these ‘buyers’ just want to **** up my reputation. I generally don’t swear, but it’s gotten to that point. Right now I’m on the verge of suspending my gigs until Fiverr does something about this obvious issue. It is simply not fair… we are the ones who make them money by doing work, and there is literally NO protection for us dedicated sellers. I have not have one complaint whatsoever until now. I do nothing different with these orders as I would with anyone else. In the end… what can you expect for $5?

I would like to know what you guys think of the animations I delivered to them, and tell me if you think they deserved a negative rating:

– In no way am I doing this as a promotion. I am absolutely peeved about this, and it seems like Fiverr does not give a stuff about me.

Additional question: for those who have received negative reviews… have you noticed any change in the amount of orders you get?


Wow… you did all that for only $4 each? I’m amazed. Sorry these buyers don’t know quality when they see it. I’m sure your positive reviews will soon bury your negative reviews. Best of luck.


The one with the voice over was a $30 order (originally a $25 but the $5 was a… tip, so I made it HD for the buyer to thank them) – great load of help that was. The other order was indeed a $5 order.


Reply to @allast: OK, I didn’t look at the price, but that’s still an amazing bargain! :slight_smile:


Apparently not.

Neither of the buyers requested the order to be cancelled, and neither of them will respond to my messages I have sent them trying to clear this up. As far as I’m concerned – that’s more than enough reason for them to remove the negative feedback.


Reply to @emmeross: Forgot to say thanks! :slight_smile:


Okay…so…I understand why CS isn’t going to just remove negative feedback every time someone asks them to…but I watched both of those videos, and I really don’t understand the negative feedback, especially when you said you were willing to modify them, and because it’s not like the results are actually poorly rendered or incomprehensible…cases like these, where you’ve really tried to do make something great and work with the buyer to resolve the problem yourself, it seems like these are the instances that CS should actually consider removing the feedback, especially when it makes it difficult for you to get further orders.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Unfortunately, and quote, "Sincere apologies but we simply are not able to remove that feedback without the buyer’s consent. Cancellation also would not remove the feedback unless the buyer agrees. Please let us know how they respond."

I hope my orders aren’t affected by this.

I still have yet to receive a response from either of the buyers.


I just sent CS a more in-depth email regarding this. If that doesn’t work then I’m stuffed.


“Hi there,

Buyer have the right to leave feedback on any order that they place where they are unhappy with the end result. As long as they are not violating our Terms of Service, we allow it. This is a very important part of the buying/selling process.

I understand your frustration as a seller but not every buyer is going to be happy with your services no matter how hard you try and whether you are willing to fix the issues or refund them.

We do not remove feedback without buyer consent. You can continue to request the removal of the feedback with your buyers. 24 hours is not very long to wait for buyers to respond. Many buyers wait weeks to respond to feedback requests. If the buyers agree, we will remove the feedback at that time.

All the best,



That really sucks, and it does sound like those buyers are being unreasonable, especially since you were willing to work with them until they were satisfied. Although I don’t offer any gigs that involve artistic services, I can imagine that there are many buyers that expect you to have the power of mind reading as well as artistic skill.

The only thing I can really suggest since CS won’t remove the feedback is to post negative feedback of your own for the buyer that will display on your gig page. Make sure that the feedback is relatively polite and not an angry rant, as that won’t make you look good, either. Hopefully, your response will offer potential buyers an explanation of the situation (i.e., you don’t possess mind reading abilities) and showcase your willingness to work with buyers and ensure high quality.

Best of luck with your gigs!


Reply to @nickih: I did specify that I need EXACT instructions which is the annoying part because both sellers told me to use my ‘creativity’ which is something I hate doing for this exact reason. I was fortunate to get one negative review removed, but I’m working on the other.

I did leave them a negative review explaining to other potential customers what happened. Thankfully I haven’t seen my sales drop. In fact I woke up to 6 messages and one order this morning which is above average. :slight_smile:


Customer support has really cracked down about removing negative reviews which is a shame. I only saw thumbs-down and that video looks great. I can’t believe you did it for only $5. How did you get the other removed?


Reply to @alliemadison12: I was able to justify my reason as to why it was unfair. Unfortunately they won’t do it again because they weren’t supposed to do it in the first place; an exception was made.


Is it not true that if you cancel the order, negative feedback is removed? Did I make that up in my head? I’m not saying you should do that, allast, obviously you should get paid for the work, I’m just wondering if that’s a viable option for sellers to mitigate the impact of irrational buyers who will thumbs down no matter what lengths you go to make them happy.


Reply to @emasonwrites: You didn’t make it up. it USED to be a rule until Fiverr recently changed things up. People who have not paid you (or received a refund AND kept your product/service free of charge) are now able to leave you feedback! How nice. :frowning:


Yup – everything is in favor of the buyer.


Sellers propose a mutual cancellation to their buyers after an order is marked as complete. While the funds from your orders are clearing, if you have any completed orders that you wish to cancel, you can revisit the order page and request a mutual cancellation to your buyer using the Resolution Center (or Centre if you’re British like me :wink: ) If the buyer agrees to the cancellation, the feedback rating will be removed automatically.


The buyer isn’t responsive. :[


Flyby I don’t think he was attacking you, but rather showing you what he has tried to do.